Atomize Software: “Unified Visibility” into Field Operations Systems

Pedro Carvalho, CEO
Pedro Carvalho, a seasoned entrepreneur and software design and development prodigy, accumulated experience in custom software solutions for logistics companies in the consulting firm he previously founded. One of projects felt special and Carvalho retained the intellectual property and built a bellwether firm for field services—Atomize Software. Under his stewardship, Atomize Software excelled in providing “unified visibility” to the complex “mish-mash” of systems like CRM, ERP, and document management that, despite being integrated, produce suboptimal visibility. “Users struggle to connect IoT devices, creating multiple data entries in different locations, which results in uncoordinated operations,” states Carvalho, CEO, Atomize Software. To address the challenge, Carvalho came up with the Atomize platform that significantly lowers the set-up time for system design and development, besides providing real-time visibility into the entire field operations ecosystem.

The Atomize platform marks the confluence of several state-of-the-art technologies to design customized software solutions for the domains such as logistics, supply chain, and 3PL. Available on SaaS as well as on premises, the Atomize platform features an inbuilt software development kit that developers can leverage to build any customized business workflow, expeditiously. To facilitate easy integration of all modules needed to support customized workflows, the platform comes equipped with an easy way to connect IoT sensors and actuators. The platform also features a ready-made mobile application framework connected to a synchronization module that supports offline mobility. The other features built into the platform include GPS tracking, document management system, and uses mobile device cameras to scan barcodes and collect photos and videos. The platform guarantees real-time visibility into all the modules connected to it and is suitable for operations such as yard management and cross-docking, besides cargo and container terminal operations.

Atomize Software has several instances of successfully developing a solution using its platform to achieve client objectives.

Atomize platform significantly lowers the set-up time for system design and development, besides providing real-time visibility into the entire field operations ecosystem

Carvalho cites the example of a long-term client— one of the largest shipping companies in the world—that faced challenges in interfacing the operations between trucks and trains in the terminal. The client sought to reduce the truck turnaround time, which was as high as 40 minutes. Atomize Software leveraged its platform to design a solution that enabled unified visibility and synchronized the operations of all systems. The truck turnaround time reduced from 40 minutes to a mere nine minutes, which allowed the company to operate over a 100 trucks per day with a staff of just five members between the field and office. “It is an example where we unified all physical aspects of the operation in a very cost-effective manner,” says Carvalho. Atomize platform’s unifying capabilities prompted the client to unify all their container terminals, so as to manage the operations using a single software tool.

Moving forward, Atomize Software intends to release newer modules on a SaaS basis for functions such as fleet tracking and management, and field inspections, which the clients can readily sign up for and use. The company also intends to customize these tools and eventually turn them into platforms that serve clients’ niche requirements. The newer releases of Atomize Software are bound to usher in greater dynamism in the realm of field operations, boosting the company’s prospects further in Europe and the U.S.

Atomize Software

Lisbon, Portugal

Pedro Carvalho, CEO

Developer of Atomize platform that helps in building tools to unify the physical operations in the field services