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Pat Grillo, President & CEO
Many businesses are impelled to devise strategies to control their Information Technology (IT) maintenance and administration costs to sustain business growth. When it comes to network infrastructure, the demands for a responsive system that is receptive to the business needs is rising. That being said, the installation and maintenance of a company’s technology investments is of paramount importance to optimize business performance. The time sensitive critical demands of IT are met with the lack of efficient staff and resources to perform proactive maintenance, resulting in declining efficiencies.

We help customers deploy the right Juniper products and solutions

Headquartered in Branchburg, NJ, Atrion Communications Resources provides extensive products and services to assist companies maximize their technology investment. On a broader line, Atrion helps customers use technology more effectively through network optimization and security integration. The company provides best-of-breed solutions to their customers by involving in strategic partnerships with technology leaders. Juniper’s partnership with Atrion recognizes their proven expertise in leveraging all of Juniper’s networking infrastructure solutions. “From consulting services and assessment of architecture, policy, or issue, to full remediation including procurement, implementation, and technical support, we help customers deploy the right Juniper products and solutions,” says Pat Grillo, President and CEO, Atrion.

From intrusion prevention solutions, switching/routing, wireless installations, and access control to purpose built VPN/ Firewall appliances, Atrion’s team of expert engineers work regularly with the Juniper firewall product line.
Regardless of the current vendor, Atrion helps their customers to migrate to Juniper firewall products and designs new firewall configurations.

By analyzing existing firewall configurations, Atrion determines a methodology for transforming clients to the chosen Juniper operating system—either ScreenOS or Junos. After implementing various scripts and tools, bulk migration is performed for pre-configured firewall objects, while also reviewing their security posture. Following this, the set configurations are staged in a test environment prior to the scheduled cut over date.

Over the years, Atrion has worked with both Fortune 1000 and mid-tier companies, by leveraging its extensive partnerships for deploying effective solutions and helping them overcome business challenges. For instance, one of Atrion’s customers, a leading financial services company needed to replace its aging networking infrastructure. The customer’s previous architecture used throughout the environment was based on an outdated technology. As the network was maintained 24×7, they were challenged with the replacement of infrastructure without affecting the workflow. Atrion proposed a comprehensive design for the company and provided equipments for a Proof of Concept, ensuring that there would be a seamless integration with minimal downtime. Atrion staged the new Juniper switch infrastructure in a controlled lab environment by installing Juniper switches, firewalls, SSL VPN, Intrusion Prevention, Network Access Control, and provided centralized management solutions for a homogenous Juniper network. Atrion was able to handle the entire project from the initial design through product procurement to implementation, education, and support—helping the customer gains a high-speed avant-garde network.

By assisting customers fully utilize the IT solution implemented in their system, Atrion stands apart from other integrators by delivering additional training and education services. As technology is evolving, Atrion continues to change with the industry trends as a provider of network and security products and services. Moving forward, the company is focused on maximizing its ability to provide nonpareil solutions, while maintaining numerous strategic relationships with other industry leaders in the areas outside their primary offerings

Atrion Communications

New Jersey, NJ

Pat Grillo, President & CEO

Atrion covers all IT needs by helping companies design and install manageable, scalable and cost effective IT systems through strategic partnerships.