ATTACH: Elevating Business Growth through Effective Digital Experience

Carlo Rodriguez, CEO & Regional VP of Digital Transformation
Boardrooms across the globe are on an ardent pursuit to augment their digital touch points for efficiently steering customer impression and brand loyalty in today’s digitalfirst world. Most consumers build impressions based on their experience on a brand’s websites and mobile apps, so embracing customer experience tools is necessary for businesses to deliver immersive digital experiences and stay ahead of the curve.

Serving as a consulting company since 2002, Attach helps brands generate business by empowering them to establish impactful consumer impressions through its data-driven, AIpowered, and innovative digital strategy.

“Our goal is to help brands build and enhance a digital vision, allowing for driving more ROI and improving customer relationships,” says Carlo Rodriguez, CEO and regional VP of digital transformation at Attach. “We always strive to enhance our client’s ability to create outstanding business results in sales, leads, revenue, growth, and efficiency.”

Having over two decades of industry experience serving big brands and various industries like retail, banking, fast food, telecom, and education all across the world, Attach is ideally positioned to navigate all CX bottlenecks that bog down business. To this end, it has developed three key service offerings; digital strategy, analytic and artificial intelligence, and experience of technology that make their digital experience journey successful.

Through its digital strategy offering, Attach creates an ideal strategy or game plan that best suits clients’ business objectives. It uses paid and unpaid channels to reach target audiences, grow the customer base, and increase brand loyalty. Clients can conduct campaigns for lead generation or sales on leading platforms like Facebook and Google with its paid channels. In contrast, unpaid channels allow for precisely devising SEO strategies to rank higher on search engine results.
Unlike others in the market, Attach does not sell false promises to customers. It implements strategies that can effectively increase business results. Cognizant of the fact that automation is key to greater customer experience, it automates marketing through all digital channels, including email, WhatsApp, and SMS. This is ideal, as automation helps facilitate the consumer journey through sales funnels, resulting in better retention.

Our goal is to help brands build and enhance a digital vision, allowing for driving more ROI and improving customer relationships

Attach is best known for its analytical and artificial intelligence suite that helps analyze business data and forecast the behavioral needs of different groups, which ultimately improves customer experiences across websites and apps. To attain this, Attach sets its clients up with Google Analytics and other analytical tools that create holistic customer insights by unifying different sources of information into a centralized repository. It offers conversational and transactional chatbots in conjunction with its AI-driven services suite, enabling clients to solve CX issues in a streamlined manner. Attach generates insights through computer vision, audio, and texts, allowing clients to understand customers better. Finally, through its experience of technology service, it co-creates a better user experience with them to improve existing UX, generating values in different production chain stages.

Validating Attach’s knowledge is certification from marketing platforms like Google and Facebook. Further cementing it is the long-term relationship that clients have with Attach, as the consultancy provides services best suited for their challenges. Moving forward, as businesses continue to improve their digital experience journey to increase overall growth, Attach is perfectly poised to help clients achieve their goals in a highly impactful way through its offices in the USA, Mexico and Peru.


Miami, FL

Carlo Rodriguez, CEO & Regional VP of Digital Transformation

Attach is a top-notch consulting firm focused on results for clients and allows them to make more sales, bring in better efficiency, and long-term value increase for brands