Attain: Leading-Edge Technology Solutions for the Education Community

With many tech-trends such as cloud, big data, mobility, and analytics redefining the education industry, colleges and universities are undergoing a massive transformation. “In a hypercompetitive environment, the education institutions are witnessing a need to evolve,” says Greg Baroni, Chairman and CEO of Attain. “In order to grow, institutions rely on technology.” This scenario has led the higher education community to search for viable partners that can help them make full use of technology to optimize revenue, navigate cloud-solutions, and implement infrastructure. Based in McLean, VA, Attain is one such management and consulting firm that delivers transformational business and technology solutions to address the complex challenges faced by the education industry. “We provide our clients a clear path forward to maintain and strengthen their vital role in shaping America’s future and expanding the frontiers of knowledge,” affirms Baroni.

Attain is at the forefront of negating the challenges surging in the education industry. “We are dedicated to enabling clients to realize outcomes with mission-focused endeavors such as supporting enterprise-wide high performance computing environments,” asserts Baroni. According to him, the company’s approach to the current market place is guided by two presentday realities—the changing face of the modern workforce and the ongoing, rapid pace of technological change. At this juncture, Attain seamlessly combines the cutting-edge technology skills of the millennials with the industry knowledge and experience of the baby-boomer workforce. “By recognizing and embracing the traits of our diverse and well-rounded team, Attain is able to stay ahead of the trends affecting the education technology landscape in the current market,” says Baroni.

With education institutions’ ongoing struggle with budget constraints in mind, Attain offers scalable and cost-effective options—cloud-based solutions, as well as high performance computing, infrastructure optimization, and big data and analytics solutions. “We assist institutions in determining how to drive efficiencies into their business operations and processes, and plan solutions to actualize the areas of opportunity,” explains Baroni. As a designated Workday Advisory Partner, the company efficiently manages critical projects by supporting business process redesign, change management, testing, and support, while collaborating with Workday certified implementation partners to carry out desired system configurations.

“We have worked on both sides of the research ecosystem of the education institutions, supporting both federal and higher education principal investigators and scientific staff,” says Baroni.
Greg J. Baroni, Chairman & CEO
Attain’s team supporting NIH, delivers support to the scientists in evaluating and implementing solutions that improve outcomes of their scientific pursuits, including the visualization of their results. On the other side, Attain’s consultants assist leading universities by performing exceptional enterprise capacity and usage analytics, implementing technology solutions, and assisting in structure operational processes compliant with federal grants management regulations and cost principles.

In a scenario where the traditional project-based consulting model is evolving, Attain’s value-based business sets it apart in the education technology landscape. The firm is constantly nurturing an entrepreneurial and inventive environment that attracts the industry’s top talent. That atmosphere, combined with their ideology, is what Baroni says keeps their team strong.

We provide our clients with a clear path forward to maintain and strengthen their vital role in shaping America’s future

Having built a well-established portfolio in education technology landscape, Attain continues to serve as an elite consultancy that embraces the transformation of the companies in the knowledge economy. “We aspire to maintain our position as a next-generation consultancy that delivers a clearer return on investment with greater focus on knowledge and intellectual property assets,” concludes Baroni.


McLean, VA

Greg J. Baroni, Chairman & CEO

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