Attensa:Creating business Value through Context Aware Knowledge Transfer

Hans Witt, COO
The digital age boasts of peta bytes of data being consumed every day. However the reality pointers ascertain both relevant and irrelevant data as an information overload. Businesses are losing the value of the available information, content and knowledge by not directing them to the right people at the right time. New tools are needed to take advantage of today’s information abundance. Headquartered in Portland, OR, Attensa is an innovator of a hybrid information gathering & delivery platform that aggregates information and delivers custom refined content at the right time in the context of the users projects enabling better business decisions. “Attensa’s services are aimed to surface only relevant information that needs the ‘attention’ of the user based on his interaction with content,” says Hans Witt, COO, Attensa.

The Attensa service architecture has three primary elements, the StreamServer, InfoStore, and the applications built on the Attensa platform. Attensa StreamServer is an open and extensible platform that aggregates public, premium, and internal information sources in a central location then organizes and refines the information to organizational or personal needs. These personalized content ‘streams’ can be consumed and socialized across different devices and interfaces such as web applications, smartphones, tablets or portals. StreamServer’s unique and patented attention analytics captures and analyzes the interactions and relationships between people and information to power new levels of personalization, recommendations and reporting.

Attensa’s Infostore, connects business and professional content owners, service providers and application developers with the information consumers. The user gets access to relevant and high quality information at one source rather than from multiple disparate services, whereas content owners, service providers and developers can better monetize their offerings.

Attensa’s StreamServer and InfoStore provide a rich cloud-based information eco system that enables publishers and third party solution providers to create better products and solutions for their customers. Users are connected by project based topics that enable knowledge to be shared, enriched and preserved with updates and notifications based on personal preferences and context. Content owners and curators can easily create and distribute information products optimized for the needs of their audience.

Personalized content ‘streams‘ can be consumed and socialized across different devices and interfaces such as web applications, smartphones, tablets or portals

Attensa’s solutions are best suited for pharma and life sciences, legal, associations, research intensive groups and more. For instance, current awareness information regarding country regulations can be used for benchmarking pharmaceutical operations improvement projects to speed up time to market. In the Pharmaceutical sector, Novartis needed customized newsletters with comprehensive information in the therapeutic area to support main projects and disease areas with current awareness information. By implementing Attensa’s StreamServer, the Novartis Knowledge Center portal was able to provide a one stop shop for all information relevant for projects with newsletters available to all scientists in the therapeutic area. With customized newsletters the knowledge center facilitated same level of information for all members of therapeutic area providing a current awareness solution for exploratory projects.

Going forward, the company is planning to launch Attensa On Demand—a service that allows users create and present information streams like a market place where they can subscribe/unsubscribe to information of interest. A rich set of curation tools are also on the anvil for information professionals to annotate and curate special information for their clients. Through programmatic findings and preparing information to a user based on his attention profile and past interaction with content, Attensa delivers information to the user even before she asks for it. “Tight integration with other information platforms will allow to surface information managed by Attensa in the context of the application content. We call this ‘on demand current awareness’,” concludes Witt.


Portland, OR

Hans Witt, COO and Charlie Davidson, CEO

Driving business results by delivering the right information