Attensity: Real-Time Social Analytics

In today’s changing market, an increasing number of companies are focusing their marketing and customer service efforts on developing a better understanding of how variables such as the quality of agent engagement impacts customer purchases and retention. Attensity assists enterprises in examining the value of their Brand Equity through the eyes of the consumer. By using unstructured data from social and traditional channels, organizations can organize and classify tens of thousands of types of conversations into corporate intelligence that helps marketers answer tough questions like: How do I address market need? Who are my potential customers? Where can they be found? What competition is out there and how distinct is my product from theirs?

Attensity is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and is an enterprise software and services company that helps brands effectively find relevant, deep insights hidden in the vast amounts of customer data from feedback channels so they are aware and can act upon what the customer thinks about their products, services, competition and brand. Using a patented natural language processing engine, Attensity reads and annotates millions of conversations over web, social media and traditional sources like e-mail, surveys, chat and CRM notes in real-time. Attensity provides an integrated suite of real-time social analytics and engagement applications that help manufacturers tap the wealth of data across these communication platforms and use this information to improve the customer experience with their brands.

Large enterprises in telecommunications, consumer products, e-commerce, insurance and
finance use Attensity to make sense of ongoing, relevant customer conversations in more than 30 languages. Attensity's technology is the culmination of decades of research in the areas of search, 9 patents in natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, artificial intelligence, and semantics. The company was founded in 1999 when the team started working with government agencies, reading through mountains of documents to create relationship and context around people and activities to uncover possible threats.

Leveraging the power of Attensity’s social analytics and engagement solutions, organizations can meet the needs of today’s empowered customers

Attensity then applied its patented NLP to the commercial sector for solutions like survey analytics and social media. In 2007, Attensity’s customers requested to include data from the top forums and review sites. Companies are using Attensity for an outside-in approach to innovation, issue resolution, surfacing emerging trends and improving or repairing what their brands are best known for, whether that is customer service, marketing, products, and quality or all of the above.

Attensity’s clientele includes Fortune 2000 companies, who expect accuracy, scalability,
CIO VendorHoward Lau, COO reliability and performance. Some of the companies using Attensity’s solution today include AT&T, Yahoo, eBay, ASDA, Verizon Wireless, Deutsche Telecom, Lloyds Banking Group, Rogers, Whirlpool and Nokia. “Attensity is committed to providing analytics that inform business leaders on strategic decisions, and surfacing insights that drive tactical actions,” says Howard Lau, CEO at Attensity. “We believe there is a huge opportunity in the future of CRM, leveraging data from international social channels, and social analytics.

The voice of the consumer has been causing organizations to operate differently – customers don’t want to fill out forms, they prefer to turn to social media channels such as Twitter. With customer conversations multiplying exponentially and new social networks emerging as influential feedback channels, organizations need tactics that let them put their ears to the rail of customer sentiment - in real time. Attensity is applying multi-channel customer analytics that include filtering the firehose that's the social web to uncover emerging trends and issues as seen through the eyes of consumers. Attensity is poised to help companies take advantage of this market shift,” he adds.


Palo Alto, CA

Howard Lau, COO

Helping brands leverage their customer conversations as a business asset