Attivio: Data Discovery for Better Decision Making

Stephen Baker, CEO & Director
The banking sector is under constant pressure to avert risk and under increasing scrutiny to achieve regulatory compliance. Additionally, banks confront the challenge of meeting the seemingly endless needs of today’s digital customer. To meet these demands, banks need greater skill to get their hands on the right datasets to make informed decisions. To get the right datasets, banks must analyze disparate data sources and unify functional and departmental silos of information. Headquartered in Newton, MA, Attivio offers data profiling and unification solutions that allow banks to personalize consumer experience, drive revenues, mitigate risk, and comply with regulations. “We create a synthesized view of the customer, transactions and potential risks, to help banks execute better decisions around client service and risk,” explains Stephen Baker, CEO, Attivio.

The company’s latest offering is its Data Source Discovery, a self-service data management tool that allows data users to profile, identify, unify, and provision data into existing BI and analytics applications. “Data Source Discovery focuses on cataloging of every data source, creating a common semantic layer. This accelerates the discovery process by enabling analysts to gain immediate visibility into all the right information to analyze,” Baker explains. From profiled data, Data Source Discovery creates a catalogue and develops a unified model for the data sources required to deliver insight— using structured and unstructured data to find answers and foster insight.

Attivio also provides search-based applications, focusing on risk and compliance, with solutions for electronic communication surveillance and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) investigations. “We streamline the human review process, creating a single-screen, 360-degree view of every specific transaction,” asserts Baker. This reduces investigation time by 75 percent, and provides documentation to support compliance audits by regulating bodies.

We create a unified view of the customer and their potential risks to help them execute better decisions about how to serve their clients as well as mitigate risks

Attivio also delivers search-based applications using a 360-degree view of bank customers to support the personalization and ‘omni’-channel access that their customers demand.

For these offerings, Baker adds, “We focus on two things—the ability to leverage a unified view of data and the ability to structure the unstructured— deciphering meaning from patterns and correlating across information sources. The result is accelerated insight with greater certainty,” explains Baker.

The company’s unique experiences in banking reflect the ‘blue-chip’ clientele it has served over the years. For example, Citi Private Bank chose Attivio to create a more complete view of their clients. “Citi has experienced increased customer satisfaction and increased ‘share-of-wallet’ from their enhanced customer view,” explains Baker.

The company envisions a bright future, aiming to bring additional innovations in data discovery and unification, anti-money laundering, and e-communication surveillance. Attivio’s focus on content and text analytics—to bring out the data hidden in unstructured sources of data (such as e-mails, PDF files, chats and PPTs) is a key element allowing its banking customers to compete more effectively on data and analytics. “We focus on discovery and unification, to provide 100 percent data access to our customers, so they can make more informed decisions with highest degree of confidence,” concludes Baker.


Newton, MA

Stephen Baker, CEO & Director

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