Attunix: Cloud Implementation Maximized

Matt O’Donnell, President & CEO
In the present era of technological evolution, it is no surprise that companies are increasingly making their move to the cloud. In tandem with this progressive transformation, Microsoft Azure is being brought into play owing to its proven benefits in terms of cloud security, support, and cost. However, such extensive organizational change—modifying IT processes, managing consumption, and re-configuring business modules—requires considerable expertise along with latest operating models. Attunix steps into the arena equipped with its comprehensive portfolio of Azure managed services, guiding businesses in their journey through the cloud.

Attunix relies on the competence of Azure to assist its customers in terms of visibility and security. By harnessing the potential of cloud, Attunix provides clients with a roadmap based on their vision, enabling them to get the most out of their cloud investment. The company brings forth a host of features—incident monitoring, 24/7 remediation, cost prediction and alerting, CIO advisory, and system administration—all housed within the Azure platform. It helps organizations gain better insights into everyday operations and enhance their business processes with reduced cost and scalability.

Focused on the balance of high opportunity and low hassle, Attunix offers its clients the right information as to how they can leverage Microsoft Azure in a way that best suits their cloud requirements. With dashboards specially designed for C-suite executives, Attunix identifies what matters most to clients. Its incident monitoring tool extends round-the-clock surveillance for areas of risk and sends alerts to identify the root cause. Likewise, Attunix’s sophisticated notification escalation platform allows users to notify the right people at the right time to effectively tackle problems. What’s more, Attunix aids organizations to derive optimum value from their cloud investment by mapping costs to business value, configuring resources, and enabling productive cost management. Attunix’s support team, comprising qualified Azure experts, guarantees the quick resolution of any business challenge and has the proficiency to tackle any impending threat.

Attunix’s sophisticated notification escalation platform allows users to notify the right people at the right time to effectively tackle problems

Attunix is determined to stay at the forefront in today’s cutthroat environment. What sets Attunix apart from competitors is its internal framework—the operations team and the quality of their service. Attunix’s customer-first approach is the key to garnering trust from all its clients and their customers, which in turn bolsters its partnership. Attunix efficiently leverages Microsoft Azure while imparting a range of tools and services designed to meet the business objectives of clients, from increasing efficiency to driving greater ROI.

Attunix caters to a number of enterprises across industries, including finance, retail, entertainment, hospitality, and agriculture. Raley’s Supermarkets, a privately owned supermarket chain dispersed around Northern California and Nevada, was looking for a cloud solution that can simplify its IT infrastructure based on numerous Red Hat Enterprise Linux (REHL) servers hosted on Virtustream while also rationalizing the number of vendors. Attunix came to its rescue by successfully migrating RHEL workloads from Virtustream to Microsoft Azure using Azure Site Recovery, thereby saving cost and proffering scalability.

With the goal to create solutions that effectively align business strategies with technology, Attunix takes a leap forward by investing in the right alliances, fostering a culture of brilliance, and prioritizing its customers at all times. Attunix is on a constant endeavor to overhaul existing resources to be more competitive so as to modernize businesses.


Bellevue, WA

Matt O’Donnell, President & CEO

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