Atum ITS: Unlock Business Value with Enterprise-class Service with Time and Service Engagements

Jnaneswar Panguluri, CEO
Today, organizations are implementing ALM to enhance visibility, productivity, improve comprehensibility and traceability across the entire application landscape. However, the rapidly changing technologies make it difficult for enterprises to embrace the incessant technological trends, causing disruptions during implementation.

“One of the biggest challenges faced by organizations is that the business runs on heavily modified and intertwined applications, making it complex and difficult to maintain, while innovating the applications on the existing technological landscape,” says Jnaneswar Panguluri, CEO, Atum ITS. With an aim to address these challenges, Atum ITS helps customers identify innovative set of technical stacks, and map out plans to either replace or rejuvenate old applications. “We offer services which allow customers to transform their existing applications to the latest ones in a risk-free way,” he adds.

Atum ITS assists enterprises in strategizing their IT roadmap with an eye on futuristic technologies and trends and guides them to innovatively embrace new technology. “We help customers by guiding them towards data level security and support them in finding the optimal balance between accessibility and security,” says Panguluri. “We have internally designed the organization in such a way that every customer gets the best of the skills to work on each of the layers of the IT applications—business critical backbone layer, differentiation application layer and the innovation layer,” he adds.

The company offers service catalogues to its clients through Service as a Product (SaaP). Atum ITS believes in understanding the technology and customers’ application landscape and offers services based on that. “In our model, customers buy services, which means they are paying for what is being used as opposed to how, what and whom we have made available to them,” says Panguluri. The concept of SaaP allows customers to manage their budgets between the ‘Business As Usual’ spend and innovation spends, and lets them change the budgets in a dynamic way as the business mandates. With the given budget, customers can pick and choose the kind of services they need to innovate and build differentiators, while keeping the business running. “We at Atum ITS provide insights on what other companies are doing and how the technological developments are benefitting them and guide the customers to get the optimized portfolio of services for the budgets they have,” he adds.
Atum ITS differentiates itself with its time to respond, perform, adapt, own, and deliver services. “The agility with which we cater to the needs of the customer requirements sets us apart from the rest of the players in the same domain and ahead in the competition,” says Panguluri.

The company displays a single face to customers providing seamless delivery with consistent quality, irrespective of the kind of service they are expecting. Through this encapsulation, the responsible associate will internally coordinate with various teams and provide the service to the customer.

With the help of Atum ITS, a customer in Australia, from the public sector, was able to migrate their mobile applications to latest versions, allowing them to bring in a great user experience for all their mobile users. “Our offerings supported them to transform from legacy, asynchronous mobile apps to latest synchronous, state-of-the-art user experience applications,” asserts Panguluri.

Atum ITS invests in people development in latest technologies while also focusing on the new trends in the application management practices. “When it comes to technology, our strategy is to ensure that the organization is abreast of the latest technologies, SAP-centric or otherwise,” claims Panguluri.

We offer services which allow customers to transform their legacy IT applications to cutting-edge ones in a risk-free manner

Moving forward, Atum ITS foresees ample amount of traction around Big Data and Analytics, and aims to become a preferred partner in these areas. “We have built a number of products in various technologies for our partners and intend to innovate our productline,” concludes Panguluri.

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Jnaneswar Panguluri, CEO

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