AtWork Systems: Modern ERP Platform for the Gig Economy

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Ron Lewis, Founder & CEO
Several ERP systems that exist today are enabling enterprises to have an integrated management of business processes. However, alongside benefits like cost savings, streamlined processes, and greater efficiency, there is a need for businesses to also enable an integrated work environment for the modern workforce that wants more jobs, and the ability to work from remote locations. Enabling both, the professionals that work from within the company and from outside, to have the same view of the organization and productivity tools that will allow them to work as an integrated team is a barrier for many enterprises to overcome. This is where AtWork Systems steps in. With a cloud-based platform that allows companies to have a digitized back office, the company enables an integrated virtual work environment for the gig economy that prefers a flexible work environment. “We have re-imagined and re-engineered the traditional ERP systems for the modern workforce. Our platform aids the way millennials and workforce are going to be engaged for the next decade,” states Ron Lewis, Founder and CEO of AtWork Systems.

The company offers this entire notion of the virtual work through its product, OneLynk™. With the platform, enterprises can identify the expertise required and onboard the needed expert leaders with AtWork’s virtual org concept. In addition, business leaders can now have one electronic cloud-based inbox that enables collaboration. With AtWork’s platform, they can remotely access business updates and review or approve transactions. The leaders can now have the information that they need to make decisions at any point in time, and all the data is accessed consistently through this electronic inbox.

With a digitized back-office, businesses do not require that the workforce need to be co-located; several transactions including project update, time and attendance, payroll, expense management, purchasing, and invoicing can all be performed within or outside the organization—with the help of a single platform. Alongside, businesses can provide role-based access and control user access based on the location of an individual even in the virtual org. This level of security is a testament to how AtWork Systems enables businesses to provide a secure collaboration.

We have re-imagined and re-engineered the traditional ERP system for the modern workforce. Our platform aids the way millennials and workforce is going to be engaged for the next decade

Unlike the traditional approach of selling one-size-fits-all products, AtWork Systems takes a consultative strategy before building their solution for clients. Their policy engines interview the key decision-makers to understand several aspects like segregation of different duties, approval of transactions, and implementation of substitution policies when employees take extended leaves. Based on these feedbacks from the interviews, AtWork’s software configures itself for the company to operate accordingly. With powerful analytics, AtWork Systems also enables organizations to understand the metrics that matter and allows them to operate efficiently.

Currently focused on expanding its clientele and improving the products based on client feedbacks, AtWork Systems will soon have a broader rollout with more capabilities. Initially targeting verticals including construction, professional services, and commercial engineering services, the company will broaden its offering to more sectors. The right balance between their feature set and the price point is unique to AtWork Systems and is a factor that helps them stay ahead in the marketplace.

With a single integrated application that digitizes back-office, allows collaboration of a virtual organization, and enables business leaders to have control over the workflow, AtWork Systems is the right partner for organizations to digitize their back office in a future-proof manner.

AtWork Systems

Herndon, VA

Ron Lewis, Founder & CEO

AtWork Systems Inc., a software company, creates an advanced platform to deliver mobile, flexible, and highly accessible business intelligence to business professionals. OneLynk, the advanced platform developed by ATWork Systems Inc., is a SaaS platform for the SMB market, which effectively helps to reduce the business risk and increase profitability. The platform helps to save time and money by setting up a process that adds more automation with less room for error in the administration work system. The company’s platform simplifies the vendor, customer, and employee management into one cohesive, enterprise-level system