AudienceScience: Boosting Digital Advertising Using Innovative Technology

Michael Greene, Director of Research & Marketing Strategy
Michael Greene, Director of Research and Marketing Strategy, AudienceScience, is a jazz music enthusiast who finds an interesting analogy between music and his area of operation. “Any great jazz musician would have absolute control of the beat, even if it sounds chaotic. Before one earns to improvise or experiment, one has to know the basics well. Similar is the case in advertising, where one has to make sure that the very foundations of business rules are followed strictly to make a good advertising campaign,” explains Greene.

Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, AudienceScience is an enterprise advertising management system that allows advertisers to manage their data and media execution in one integrated system.“Our goal is to use technology to make digital advertising more efficient and to provide greater transparency for advertisers,” says Greene. The company’s key product, AudienceScience Gateway, is an enterprise advertising management system that has three components. The data management system contains all the audience data from the advertiser including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) information, behavioral data on websites and data from their partners about their target audiences. The process involves collecting data in order to have a consistent and holistic view about their customers across different marketing verticals.

Our goal is to use technology to make digital advertising more efficient and to provide greater transparency for advertisers

The second component is the ability to seamlessly apply the data to media execution later. Connecting the data to this layer involves finding the customers, wherever they go online.
“Whether it be on public exchange, private ad exchange or even premium publishers online, whenever somebody buys digital media, it should run through a system and connect the audience data owned by the advertiser in a seamless, safe and secure web,” explains Greene. The third component is the inside capability that ties both the audience data and media execution. Since they both exist in one data system, it provides a deeper, transparent insight to the customers helping them to have a smarter budget allocation.

The company focuses on integration of system, which is more secure for the enterprise, where data doesn’t have to be shared with as many partners and can exist only in a system that is operated by the advertiser. “We focus on ensuring that an advertiser’s customized business rules get applied in the system. This goes into everything from flexibility that the advertiser has, in terms of building their own custom segmentation within the system and not relying on third parties to define how they think about target audiences,”explains Greene.

In an interesting case study, a company noted that there were so many different players involved in the digital advertising ecosystem and approached AudienceScience for a simplified process. By enabling technology to take on the role that was previously played by different intermediaries, AudienceScience helped the company to get more efficient and effective, in term of cost perspective, within the first month of executing the system. “We reduced cost and there was a substantial increase in return on investment, which quickly made a tangible business impact on the client,” says Greene.

Going forward, AudienceScience will continue to work towards solving the problems for major global brands by maintaining cutting edge technologies that adapts to the rapidly changing marketing environment. The company’s priority would be to solve issues of marketing intelligently to consumers who are connected not just to PC, but also to mobile devices, tablets and TVs. “We are trying to solve problems in the multiple device worlds and have a more reliable and scalable infrastructure in the industry to meet the needs of the large enterprise customers,” concludes Greene.


Bellevue, WA

Michael Greene, Director of Research & Marketing Strategy

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