Aurora IT: Witnessing the Future of Telecom Now

Eran Salant, Director The 90s saw the advent of the cellphone, a novelty that many couldn’t afford back then. Fast forward a few years and there are as many as 6.8 billion subscribers, a number almost equaling the number of people on earth. And it took just a little over 20 years for telephones to become ubiquitous according to a report by United Nations’ telecommunications agency. Due to the unmatched user base, no other industry has its presence in as many technologies as telecom. From traditional local and long-distance calling, telecom is now playing a prominent role in technology-based services including wireless communications, internet and fiber-optics, IoT and M2M, satellite based services such as GPS and myriad of other such things. However, in a report by Juniper Research, in 2011 mobile telecom industry lost more than $58 billion—over six percent of global revenue-due to inadequate fraud management and revenue assurance processes. The report also suggested that if telecom operators fail to implement any remedial measures the revenue loss will rise five-fold by 2016 to $15 billion.This is the result of telecom industry’s inability to accurately capture the large volume of transaction data that occurs on the network-further magnifying the scale of revenue loss, bad debts, and increased fraud. This is where, Dover, DE and extensive of worldwide locations based Aurora IT started from.

Aurora IT is a global CC&B (Customer Care & Billing), big data processing, data mining, and artificial intelligence software development and integration company, providing solutions to telecom industries. The company helps reduce the time taken to execute billing system operations, brings value out of stored data, fraud detection, continually learns and automates best processes that are needed to increase revenue, and eliminates revenue leakage.

The company’s Aurora Billing System (ABS) is tailor-made for telecom service providers that combine real-time transaction tool, billing system, artificial intelligence mechanism, cloud computing, and a linked network of elements in a state-of-the-art mobility platform.It mathematically verifies the correctness and the completeness of the transaction data. ABS also monitors the billing system by identifying errors or gaps arising from software bugs, incorrect or overlapping business logic, customer abuse, customer behavior, CSR (Customer Service Representative) errors, and loopholes. “The tool creates additional revenue for the telecom operator through better collection, as well as identifying, quantifying, and resolving revenue leakage within the billing system,” states EranSalant, Executive Director, Aurora IT.

"We try to think 15 years into the future and bring that vision to our customers. Sometimes it looks as science fiction"

Going Beyond the Billing Systems

From services, support and improvement of IT, Aurora IT has moved to develop innovative solutions in the IT market. The company was elected in Q1 2013 by IBM to be their strategic partner in the world for the Telecom, Banking, and Mobility. Together with IBM, the company has created solutions to make day-to-day life easier and simpler. “With billions of cellular subscriptions globally, telecom is not seeing the future as it should be seen.
It has the right ingredients like technology, infrastructure and possibilities, we just need to use them differently,” says Eran. “As mobiles are increasingly becoming the medium to access internet connecting people and shared devices—mobility is the future of telecom and the IT world,” he adds.

“We visualize the future of mobility and bring that vision to our customers. Sometimes it looks as science fiction. Today we are working with government, banks, health providers and large telecom,” says Eran. Aurora IT wants to create a future where the refrigerator will inform the retail store that there is a need for a bottle of milk. Offer a remote health treatment and analysis for patients in Ghanaor the rural areas in Alaska by the best doctors in Romania. Digitize money to fight black economy and the use of cash.To realize such a future for telecom, Aurora IT is thinking differently and out of the box to deliver the smartest approach and solution that will require the minimum changes and utilize the existing infrastructure. “Every problem has number of solutions, we want to find and deliver the solution which is the less complex of all,” he adds.

For instance, banks are looking for next revenue-generating services and telecom service providers are getting into banking by offering mobile payment services mainly premium SMS banking, direct mobile billing such as PayPal, NFC banking transactions. However, these initiatives come with drawbacks such vendor lockdowns,excessive control by telecom operators, sensitive data stored on SIM cards, inadequate mobile security if the device gets lost, sensitive to malware attacks, hardware dependent and many others.

As the mobiles are increasingly becoming the medium to access internet connecting people and shared devices mobility is the future of telecom and the IT world

Aurora IT has developed mobile payment product for banks called Aurora Mobile Bank Wallet (AMBW). It combines billing system, mobile wallet, clearing house, signature authentication, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other elements for performing all types of payments. “We feed artificial intelligence into mobile so that it can identify that the owner is the one who is executing the commands and nobody else,” remarks Eran. While artificial intelligence gives the machine the ability to learn, data mining dwells more into allowing the service provider knowing the customer experience and work towards enhancing it. “It is like the machine will be able to read your mind. It is all about making life easier and on the other hand generating additional revenue for the operator as well,” he adds. AMBW represents a unified solution for all types of smart devices. It allows the user to be fully mobile financially, without having to carry cash, checks, or credit cards. The user can transfer money on the fly, without needing to locate a cash machine or find the nearest bank in order to execute the needed financial transaction or purchases.

Applying Mobility Expertise to Realize a Smart City

In 1969, the American space agency NASA faced a big problem.
They wanted a robotic arm that can work in zero gravity and capture payloads into the shuttle. The arm needed to close on the object precisely, if not the object would have got pushed around in space turning the whole exercise futile. The Canadian engineer in charge of the operation was an amateur photographer, and got inspired by seeing the shutter of the camera closing around its iris as a ring. It led to the design of robotic arm which like a camera shutter can close around object as a ring. It was one of the remarkable engineering works of NASA and is called the Canadarm. “Simple solution, but no one could see it before. This is our work culture at Aurora Innovative Technology,” extols Eran. “Similarly, while everybody thought that a complex IT system is required to realize the dreams of the smart city with seamless connectivity options, improved homeland security, and others, Aurora IT is leveraging the simplicity of mobility to realize this dream,” he adds.

The company’s Aurora Smart City (ASC) solution helps create an ecosystem by building the network of mobile devices that the users and emergency responders use and the mobile infrastructure the telecom operators provide. An ASC app is installed in the devices of each of these entities with the functionalities that suite the need. By utilizing fiber optics, ASC app can be installed on the street lamps through special hardware.

The IT solution communicates compressed video, together with innovative analysis signals from any city camera or any mobile devices, to the ASC command center, and the information is then transferred from the ASC command center to rescue centers, city maintenance centers, traffic control, or local officers' smartphones and tablets. “ASCuses an innovative method to allow broadcasting information from all corners of the city, and enables the decision makers to make correct and fast decisions with massive risk reduction. ASC will improve city safety and make life better, as well as improving the operational cost of rescue centers and city maintenance centers,” says Eran. In an interesting implementation instance of ASC and additional number of products that we have like AMBW, health mobility, utility mobility, ABS and others, Aurora IT is helping realize the smart city initiative in one area with ten millionpopulation and tourists. “This is a large scale project that will make a big change worldwidefor its innovation and capability. This is what we are capable of doing, introduce you to the future,” he adds.

Innovation as the Way for a Better Future

Eran took a remarkable trip to Alaska back in 1994, and the colorful Aurora Borealis, inspired him to name his company after this phenomena. “Aurora Borealis is a breathtaking phenomenon involving elements from our solar system. Likewise we present a different kind of thinking, an innovative thinking,” he says. The technology which was not there 20 years ago is now here— mobility. Life has become easier when compared to that of the life in the 90s. “The technology plays a crucial role in improving day to day life through innovations such as mobile wallet, where nobody can touch the users’ money and still they have it at their finger points, just a few taps away. We have the ability as a company to make a huge change and are working towards witnessing the future of mobility now,” concludes Eran.

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