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Marc Zionts, CEO
With raw data being generated at an exponential rate, business dashboards have become an integral part of enterprises to communicate, structure, and provide insight into that data. The integration of business intelligence (BI) data visualization platforms have brought much order to the process; however, Automated Insights, a leading natural language generation (NLG) provider, further communicates insights by aggregating value from data. The organization utilizes natural language generation, a subset of artificial intelligence, to deliver insights from structured data through data-driven stories, enabling enterprises to deliver clear, concise, and actionable analysis in real-time.

Established in 2007 in Durham, N.C., Automated Insights’ self-service NLG platform—Wordsmith—resolves the complex challenge of refining data from business dashboards and reducing the time it takes to understand, communicate, and act on data to seconds or in the time it takes to read the presented narratives. The software generates the narratives, making it easier for individuals to understand the deep layers of information visualized on the dashboards. The solution ensures that the algorithms from the various dashboards are analyzed and transformed into comprehensive reports, terminologies, and sentences.

Marc Zionts, CEO of Automated Insights, says, “We help organizations realize their BI investments by delivering data insights just the way humans do—where a distinct story is woven. The meaning is contributed, automated, and embedded directly into the dashboards.” Wordsmith’s services include a detailed analysis for BI dashboards, e-commerce product descriptions, and personalized customer communications that scale in alignment with the client’s requirements. Wordsmith is versatile and can deliver multi-language insights in more than 20 languages, offering non-English content to its customers.

As data visualization is an inevitable part of the business, software such as Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik are becoming essential BI tools to analyze data using visual data analytics. Automated Insights’ powerful API integrates with these platform dashboards, making it easier for clients to utilize Wordsmith. “Tableau’s new Extensions feature allows us to directly publish our written analytics into the dashboard with our Wordsmith API,” explains Zionts.

We help organizations realize their BI investments by delivering data insights just the way humans do—where a distinct story is woven

Automated Insights has successfully established partnerships with various global organizations, such as Yahoo! Sports for its Fantasy Football league, video game narratives with major gaming providers, and Amazon for its virtual assistant, Alexa. With Alexa, Wordsmith replaces formulaic queries with a personalized touch or Analysis Factory which turns data into powerful analytics solutions.

The global business news network, The Associated Press(AP), employs Wordsmith to transform data into automated articles for the press using conditional logic, tone, and style. The automated news pieces delivered from APusing Wordsmith empower journalists to spend more time on in-depth, qualitative reporting while also reducing errors in the news content written and published manually. As the AP is known for its explicit and precise style of news writing, Automated Insights’ configured Wordsmith in a way that ensures the NLG produces content using the same tone and technique identical to the AP’s.

When it comes to understanding textual and visual analytics or deducing content from data-intensive dashboards, Wordsmith turns that data from a spreadsheet and the like to narratives in seconds! Automated Insights also ensures that the client has the freedom to control the entirety of the narrative from individual paragraphs and words to the flow of the story. With Wordsmith producing more than a billion pieces of content every year for the various industries Automated Insights caters to, the firm aims to augment the workforce in the coming years and further expand their business offering. The company also plans to introduce new products in the market which will configure insights automatically to enterprises based on their perceived desired requirements.

Automated Insights

Durham, NC

Marc Zionts, CEO

Focuses on transforming data into meaningful content using NLG technology on its uniquely-built platform called Wordsmith

Automated Insights