Automated Voice & Data: Streamlining Multiple Contact Center Processes

Sharon Moon, President and Founder
Manufacturers continue to sound the drumbeat of cloud-based solutions over premise-based solutions. While cost-savings may be derived with simplified operations, features that customers and employees depend on may be sacrificed. In addition, “Contact center professionals struggle with what technology to implement to meet the more empowered consumer: there is such a variety of technology solutions to the point that it can be overwhelming,” says Sharon Moon, President and Founder, Automated Voice and Data Solutions (AVDS). The Houston-based firm is guiding contact centers to adopt technologies that can bring down the cost of maintenance as well provide strong infrastructure support. “We provide a comprehensive range of cloud-based and managed services solutions for organizations desiring to reduce costs and internal IT support,” says Sharon. By leveraging solutions provided by manufacturers such as Interactive Intelligence, CallScripter and IBM, AVDS addresses the Contact Center requirements and implements these products into client’s system for efficient performance.

AVDS also focuses on social business solutions for the contact center segment. “Knowledge-sharing, collaboration, first contact resolution via any channel—these are elements of social business—and if strategically deployed, will deliver outstanding results for both the consumer and organization,” says Sharon .

AVDS provides the award-winning “Customer Interaction Center (CIC)” solution from Interactive Intelligence to deliver a better interactive experience to customers. With built-in features, CIC can easily and affordably optimize the workforce. Based on highly scalable all-software architecture, the powerful solution for Contact Center facilitates business process automation. The solution manages and blends inbound/ outbound multi-channel interactions, giving customers their choice of contact options—voice, email, fax, chat, and SMS.
The CIC solution builds brand loyalty by creating and managing tools for outbound campaigns. AVDS also provides CallScripter to deliver a solution that increases agent productivity by reducing agent training and on-boarding and supervisor responsibility.

AVDS Support and Managed services portfolio has paved successful paths for several of its clients in the contact center domain. Camden Development, one of the largest public multi-family residential management companies in the U.S., required a solution to streamline their processes. Camden needed a robust solution that is capable of automating the business processes. AVDS deployed CIC and Interaction Process Automation (IPA), a communications-based process automation software, to resolve this issue. After deploying CIC and IPA, the client was able to manage interactions around the clock by their in house agents.

Implementing innovative technology is only part of what AVDS delivers. Ms. Sharon shares insights about AV DS, noting its “deliberately different” approach. “Our focus on the trends and changes within business communications led us to be a visionary and early-adopters of software-based business communications over 20 years ago. Today, software-based solutions are the standard. We see social business solutions as the next wave to enrich the customer experience. We see our role as finding and testing innovative technology on behalf of our clients and then continuing to partner with our contact center customers to further enhance their original investment.”

We provide comprehensive range of cloud-based and managed services solutions for organizations desiring to reduce costs and internal IT support

Automated Voice & Data

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Sharon Moon, President and Founder

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