AutonomIQ: Automating DevOps Testing with AI and Machine Learning

Ram Shanmugam, Co-Founder, CEO & President and Raj Rao, Co-Founder
Today enterprises are challenged to continually evolve and respond to fast changing market and customer demands. With the core focus shifting from achieving digital transformation to digital excellence, many enterprises have adopted advanced, DevOps-oriented, agile development processes to ultimately speed up their time to market. However, the testing part of development still lags, in varying proportions, making it ripe for evolution. Discerning this need, California-based AutonomIQ offers a cloud platform that enables product, and IT teams to test, release, and deploy software autonomously. “Our platform helps in increasing velocity of software releases without compromising quality,” says Ram Shanmugam, co-founder, and CEO of the company.

With his long-standing industry experience, Shanmugam identifies that owing to the presence of large numbers of manually operated testing tools, DevOps continues to be complicated and enterprises struggle to determine the best way to go about in realizing the notion to the fullest. Dedicated to helping enterprises to automate their QA and DevOps lifecycle, the firm’s platform is powered by AI and machine learning. The company has thus built intelligent machines that eliminate human interactions in testing. “From a product perspective, our initial focus is to address the shortcomings in the testing life cycle in the DevOps process,” adds Shanmugam.

AutonomIQ can automatically understand the objectives and functions of an application with its Test Case Creation tool and generates test cases. The company’s Test Data Generation is an intelligent and application-aware platform that generates synthetic, anonymized, and secure test data without affecting production data. AutonomIQ’s Test Script Generation allows its clients to create Selenium scripts easily and quickly. The firm manages its clients’ test scenarios by using the Test Management platform, which can create multiple test instances and orchestrate parallel execution, and run tests on cloud or on-premise continually without running out of data. What makes AutonomIQ unique in the space is their offerings’ self-healing capability that identifies modifications in the codes or applications automatically, notifies, and incorporates them while testing.

Along with automating the DevOps processes, these purpose-built tools increase testing speed enabling clients to achieve weekly and in some cases, daily release cycle.
Shivkumar Shivaji, CTO, AutonomIQShivkumar Shivaji, CTO & Co-Founder
AutonomIQ is also capable of handling huge testing volumes. To effectuate this, the company incorporates into its product stack the capability to integrate with DevOps lifecycle—integration with release management and build management tools such as Jira. By synthetically generating data, the firm prevents data loss and theft during testing while maintaining business logic verification requirements.

Our platform helps in increasing velocity of software releases without compromising quality

Realizing the need to make the individual tester happy to make a massive impact in the market, AutonomIQ delivers a developer edition of their product, ChroPath, highest rated, fastest growing tool in the testing ecosystem. This free version of the firm’ software—with more than 200,000 active weekly users globally—allows testers to verify and validate the test cases and test scripts immediately. The company also offers an enterprise version with more capabilities and functionalities. Also, the scope of AutonomIQ’s testing extends beyond functional testing, well into regulatory and compliance testing, the requirement for which has become an imperative in industry verticals such as finance and healthcare. “Our compliance regulations library automatically incorporates all such mandates while testing and automatically verifies them against compliance requirements,” adds Shanmugam.

Furthermore, unlike their competitors, who offer 15 to 20 percent of functional coverage, AutonomIQ offers 70-80 percent without compromising on quality. With their purpose-built, value-bound offering, the company has set a broader trajectory for its future. AutonomIQ has comprehensive plans for expansion in both technical and geographical standpoint. “Our long term vision is to ultimately address the build and release management automation needs using our technical expertise,” concludes Shanmugam.

AutonomIQ News

AutonomIQ and Sonata Software Partner to Offer Autonomous Testing Solutions to Accelerate Digital Transformation

PALO ALTO, Calif: AutonomIQ, a cloud platform that uses AI and machine learning for autonomous testing solutions and Sonata Software, a global technology company, that enables successful platform based digital transformation initiatives for enterprises, announced a partnership to accelerate the enterprise digital transformation journey using autonomous testing capabilities.

This solution combines the artificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent automation capabilities of AutonomIQ's autonomous testing platform along with industry expertise, engineering excellence, design thinking-led innovation and strategic engagement model capabilities of Sonata's Platformation™ methodology to deliver sustained long term value to customers.

"Customers across industries and geographies are embracing digital transformation to stay competitive and relevant," says Srikar Reddy, CEO, Sonata. "Integration of AutonomIQ's Autonomous Testing platform with Sonata's Platformation™ methodology helps accelerate the value realization of the digital transformation projects of our customers."

"Improve software agility without compromising software quality has been one of the core design principles behind the product vision of AutonomIQ," says Ram Shanmugam, Co-Founder and CEO of AutonomIQ. "Our partnership with Sonata and integration with their digital transformation platforms, allows customers to leverage the benefits of AI and machine learning to accelerate their digital initiatives."

AutonomIQ and Sonata have also created pre-built solutions and integrations with standard packaged and SaaS applications, and this helps customers generate significant value in a really short amount of time.

"Our partnership with Sonata is already having an impact in the market," says Nataraj Narayan, MD and President of AutonomIQ. "We are aggressively partnering to help drive engagement with customers in the market and the initial response has been very positive to this joint offering."


Palo Alto, CA

Ram Shanmugam, Co-Founder, CEO & President and Raj Rao, Co-Founder and Shivkumar Shivaji, CTO & Co-Founder

Provides novel solution stack that automates the testing process in the DevOps lifecycle by leveraging AI and machine learning