AutoRaptor CRM: Driving Leads into Sales

Howard Leavitt, Founder
Howard Leavitt, frustrated by the clumsy and complex legacy solutions offered by the Dealership Management Systems, designed a desktop system that combines astute customer follow-up and essential deal financing information, and called it AutoRaptor–the CRM financial web-based sales solution created with the automotive industry in mind.

The company’s online CRM solution offers a simple yet effective way to change how the salespeople relate to customers. It has the ability to seamlessly integrate with most of the major DMS systems, while offering features that include Internet Lead Management, inventory and sales integration, comprehensive search and scheduling capabilities, and sales and performance reports. AutoRaptor’s intuitive responsiveness supports time-consuming processes such as calculations of cash, loan and leasing information right within its CRM application.
“Unlike most of the traditional CRMs from DMS heavyweights that are designed to just collect the data, our solution is designed to sell more cars,” says Leavitt.

Numerous dealerships have benefited from AutoRaptor’s solutions that offered the necessary tools and functionality of a high-end CRM for a much more reasonable price. “I’ve been in sales for over 20 years and AutoRaptor is one of the best lead management tools out there,” says Richard Carreon, Kyle Chapman Motors.

There is a tremendous opportunity for the company ahead as there are many in the automotive sector, which are not using such a technology, and even those that do, are not using it to its fullest potential. AutoRaptor intends to pay more attention to state organizations, small dealers, independent buy here/pay here and new car franchise dealers, because, regardless of the way one sells cars, CRM applications are a needed piece of the process.

AutoRaptor CRM

Providence, RI

Howard Leavitt, Founder

Provides web-based Customer Relationship Management solution that offers a way to change how salespeople relate to customers