Autosoft: Simplified Solutions with Comprehensive Expansion

Bryce Veon, President and CEO
Acquiring and retaining customers, efficient maintaining and augmenting inventory are some of the challenges that every automotive dealer would come across in his everyday business. While there are vendors who provide solutions for only a fraction of the actual needs, the dealers face uphill task to surmount the revenue challenges. Coherent solution overarching every dealer management challenge is the need of the day and Autosoft has been delivering the same to its ever-expanding customer base since 1988.

Under the stewardship of Bryce Veon, President and CEO, Autosoft provides custom solutions that are in accord with customers’ needs. The company’s FLEX Dealership Management System help dealers manage operations, communicate with customers and prospects all while servicing and selling cars quickly. Built on an open architecture, the DMS integrates with third-party platforms easily and offer comprehensive accounting, service, parts, dealer principal and finance and insurance functions. It allows the dealer to improve operations by providing nine daily customizable documents along with three standard documents for parts, body shop and service. The specific value of vehicles with floor plan is also available with point and click navigation, on-screen help, online and chat support.

Customers have the option to book an appointment, and order repair electronically, saving valuable time. Management gets simpler and efficient with deep reporting insight into all service functions that helps decision-making and staff performance insights to improve the overall productivity of the employees. The F&I feature of the DMS provides ability to calculate customer’s lifetime sales value, determine referral patterns and distribute multiple commissions at once, a feature that can be accessed through any internet based device.
Stocking parts that move fast, maintaining optimum stocking levels, timely querying of parts, setting minimum and maximum stocking levels, capturing special order and lost sales opportunities, automatic relief from retail and service repair order sales for ensuring inventory integrity are some of the Autosoft’s offerings in the Parts domain.

Autosoft also has the data management program, Autosoft FLEX Connect that facilitates open, secure and continuous access to leading third-party application providers. It allows the dealer to connect with its chosen partner via secure and comprehensive data sets. This enables communication between the dealer and manufacturer easy and it also delivers extract files to the partners at the scheduled time. All the business data is protected through backups, disaster recovery, firewalls and anti-virus. It also provides platforms for creating customized forms at competitive prices that helps in growing business.

The company has on-demand training solutions with live training, videos, downloadable PDFs and manuals. It allows a smooth transition from training to hands-on. The teams who will work with Autosoft solutions are familiarized with FLEX DMS. The Autosoft and Microsoft-certified technicians do the hardware, and Autosoft connects remotely to this custom installation to set up the software. The company’s Customer Support Center follows up within 30 days to assess the requirement of additional training.

Serving 2000 dealerships with more than 30000 users across the U.S., Autosoft is striding ahead with its clients building relationships while developing smart solutions taking every effort to fruition.


New York, NY

Bryce Veon, President and CEO

Autosoft is a customer-focused company that provides easy-to-use DMS solution for automotive dealerships