Auxenta: Fueling Product Innovation through Automated Testing

Chandana Ranasinghe Co-Founder & COO
The changing facets of globalization demand today’s organizations to explore newer products, markets, and customer segments. While companies focus on product innovation and market reach, proper testing and quality analysis have gained increased importance towards delivering high-quality products, at the lowest cost, and within the shortest time to market (TTM).Architecting the path for streamlined testing, Auxenta has been instrumental in helping organizations lead the innovation curve. Facilitating a major role in delivering flawless products and services with an enhanced customer experience, Auxenta serves as a go-to provider for quality management and testing services.

Catering mainly to telcos, financial services, and independent software vendors (ISV), Auxenta’s vast portfolio not only covers consultation and development services for mobile applications but also software development and testing services on all areas such as.NET and Java. Auxenta’s quality management and testing service offerings provide a wide range of testing solutions to achieve unparalleled, cost-effective software products. The company’s wide spectrum of testing services includes several core offerings designed to complement an organization’s existing quality assurance activities including test automation, performance testing, mobile application testing, and enterprise QA services. The company’s leading-edge is in its ability to assess the maturity of QA processes through a strong set of quality consultancy services. Its test automation frameworks and tools empower non-technical QA engineers to develop test automation scripts, which act as an accelerator for test automation with improved quality.

“Auxenta’s open source-based solution possesses the capability to build tools that can meet specific test automation needs,” explains Chandana Ranasinghe, Co-Founder and COO of Auxenta. Using SpecFlow, Auxenta’s test automation framework defines, manages, and automatically executes human-readable acceptance tests. It describes the behavior of clients’ systems using human-readable syntax, which is then bound to the application code to automate the testing of the system. Based on the current maturity level, Auxenta develops a roadmap for the client and systematically leverages Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) to enable a testing center of excellence and establish or enhance the QA CoE.

Auxenta’s open source-based solution possesses the capability to build tools that can meet specific test automation needs

With enterprises increasingly converting their traditional single-tier applications to multi-tier, API-based applications, Auxenta helps clients streamline API testing for a smarter and faster delivery. Auxenta’s expertise in testing came to the fore while assisting a telco in Asia to export over 1000 internal APIs. The client was facing major hurdles while exporting the APIs as a service as each of them had to go through a series of tests before it was exposed to the market. The client’s traditional methods of testing were estimated to consume up to a year’s time. Auxenta developed a state of the art API testing tool specifically for this requirement and were able to automate the testing of more than1000APIs. The tool not only brought down the testing effort from a year’s worth to less than a month, but also enabled reusable capability. Effectively, the client now possesses the ability to modify the developed APIs, revamp the tools, and instantly certify the APIs—helping them drastically reduce issues for end customers.

Auxenta’s proven QA framework, with cutting-edge methodology and innovative QA tools, is aimed at increasing the ability of organizations to meet market demands while sustaining high quality for the ISV as well as in-house clients’ end customers. The company is also heavily investing in building teams with high-end QA and testing skills. Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics’ line of software applications, the company has demonstrated expertise in functional consultancy as well as application development in CRM and ERP platforms. “As a forerunner in innovation, Auxenta pioneered in offering a Bitcoin-based solution in Sri Lanka using Blockchain Technology,” Ranasinghe concludes.


San Jose, CA

Chandana Ranasinghe Co-Founder & COO

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