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Nancy Hernandez-Johnson, Owner & CFO, Randy Johnson, Owner & CEO In March 2005, a Texas father sold off his businesses and created a foundation that would later fund the construction of Morgan's Wonderland, a $51 million amusement park built with his special needs daughter in mind. The park offers free admission to anyone with special needs.

A good deed deserved another, which is why in the Spring of 2009 Randy Johnson—who was working at KENS5 TV station—heard about Gordon Hartman and his theme park, which needed help designing a green screen. Due to the condition of the economy at that time, KENS5 was not able to assist, but they did refer Randy, who was experienced in the AV field. Upon hearing that the park being built was for special needs children, a cause extremely near and dear to his heart, Randy quickly called Morgan’s Wonderland and volunteered his time and knowledge; this is where the connection was made. You see Randy had a little sister named Shirley May Johnson who was a special needs child, who had since passed away. Randy fell in love with the idea of a place where folks like his sister could go and play together with others. Randy volunteered his time to help design and install the equipment required for the green-screen in “Sensory Village,” at Morgan’s Wonderland.

The journey of AV Calibrations began on that day.

The company grew, starting with designing, installing, and calibrating AV equipment at Morgan's Wonderland to serving clients in San Antonio and surrounding areas of Texas. The park has since had over one million visitors, each of whom had an enjoyable experience, thanks to the park's dedicated staff and the quality of work done by Randy and AV Calibrations.

Over the years, Randy developed AV Calibrations to listen and provide technology solutions to clients in San Antonio and surrounding areas. In the process, he created a company that would become a one-stop-shop for all AV requirements of commercial and residential properties.

Combining Technical Proficiency with Efficient Communication

As the business started growing, managing the diverse needs of the business became more difficult, luckily Randy’s wife was able to join AV Calibrations and help develop processes that were needed for the business to run more efficiently. By 2013 Randy and Nancy were co-owners of AV Calibrations, LLC, and were well on their way to growing their company to the turnkey operation that it is today.

Being an army veteran herself, Nancy brings the administrative, financial, and customer service components to the business, allowing her husband to focus on the technological aspect. As a business administration major, she possesses a keen aptitude for understanding and translating client requirements to technical teams—something that made Nancy highly proficient in managing AV Calibrations' organization, HR, finance, and operations.
Combined, Nancy and Randy formed a great partnership, and between the two of them, they covered all the different facets required to run their business successfully.

Answering Market Demands with Ease

As a highly flexible organization, AV Calibrations has grown to accommodate the varying needs of its clientele today. Consequently, the company offers more than just AV equipment installation. AV Calibrations can conduct the design, engineering, programming, project management, installation, and support of the solutions to help customers fulfill their technology needs.

AV Calibrations pays close attention to its clients' project timelines and ensures they get maximum value for their money without losing quality. This is referred to in its industry as Value Engineering. The company collaborates with clients and architects’ hand in hand to offer value engineering analysis and recommendations before and during the project, continually reviewing scheduling approaches to save our clients valuable dollars at every corner. AV Calibration places an emphasis on initiative-taking involvement during the pre-construction phase. We work to address our client’s needs from the earliest stages of development allowing for the greatest potential of influence on a project’s outcome.

“We treat every project as if it were our only one by researching the technology right away and determining if specific licenses are required”

AV Calibrations goes beyond its role as a solution provider by educating customers on how to apply technology to their application areas. It does not matter if it is a commercial or a residential setting, AV Calibrations' team can sit down with the customer, listen to what they need and design them a solution that meets their needs. Once a design is approved, the project advances to the engineering stage. With the aid of advanced software and drawings, we develop flow diagrams and detailed layouts for all key aspects of your system. For clients who do not have the budget to do a full-fledged integrated equipment solution, AV Calibrations will provide a cabling solution that can help define the cabling needs necessary during construction to simplify future implementations. AV Calibrations will also suggest technology ideas for that implementation, regarding the types of equipment and their requirement—whether it is to increase the sales or help client communicate with their customers.

AV Calibrations may encounter diverse types of customers with varying budgets and requirements during a project and may receive a broader range of questions due to a lack of technical knowledge in this area. "We treat every project as if it were our only one by researching the technology right away and determining if specific licenses are required," says Nancy. The company will even bring in external vendors to help with this education and training and obtain the relevant certification. AV Calibrations also collaborates with vendors who will let them evaluate various products so that customers get the best solution that fits their needs.

Most recently, AV Calibrations has realized that many of its AV customers are also in need of security solutions. With the necessary technical skills and technical operatives already in-house, AV Calibrations added security solutions to its list of offerings. The company now integrates cameras, access control, and alarms with AV installations for a complete low voltage integrated solution. AV Calibrations is unique in this regard, as they do all these services in-house, making them a genuine one-stop-shop for a client's complete low voltage technology needs.
With constant growth and development of its services, AV Calibrations has introduced more skilled labor, tools, and equipment to get to the next level. As a company, AV Calibrations wants to ensure that its customers will always be able to rely on its expertise and skills. "Our purpose is to listen and provide technology solutions to our customers," adds Nancy.

Moving Forward with Clear Cut Objectives

With a firm commitment to customer-centric service, AV Calibrations has been able to manage multimillion-dollar projects and continue to earn clients' trust for the 13th consecutive year. Every member of their team embodies the customer-centric philosophy, each of whom strives to deliver their experience to customers on every job. The company has grown as well, from a small garage to a 1200 sqft office to a 2500 sqft office and now a 5000 sqft office where they assess their equipment, and house the AV Calibrations team. In that time, AV Calibrations has worked with homes, commercial buildings, offices, and schools, having recently been invited to work at Trinity University, several Marriotts in Houston, and projects in and around San Antonio. The company’s growth is driven by word of mouth, created purely via referrals from the company's client base.

That said, AV Calibrations never rests on its laurels and insists on staying sharp. The company conducts a training day at least once a month, where it brings in vendors and subject matter experts who will work with AV Calibrations' team to perform the training. The company has also been signing up its technicians for AVIXA certifications, making them more knowledgeable in their field. AV Calibrations even performs on-the-job training, having technicians shadow partner technicians to learn more about niche areas such as installing access control equipment and conducting hands-on training under the direct supervision of an expert.

Our main purpose and core values are listening to our customers and finding out what they want their technology to accomplish

Needless to say, AV Calibrations is well on its way to staying ahead of the curve, bolstered by its team and service model. In the next ten years, the company's goal is to be the number one AV company in San Antonio and in the great state of Texas by bringing in people with the necessary skills to work in cohesion. In addition, they have an entrepreneurial operation systems (EOS) program to ensure that they not only have the right people in the right seat but also have the correct processes, procedures, and policies in place for every role of an employee. To that end, Nancy says, “We want to make sure that our people know what is required of them, what they need to do to meet our expectations, and what type of service needs to be given in order to meet customer expectations.”

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Nancy Hernandez-Johnson, Owner & CFO, Randy Johnson, Owner & CEO

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