AVAI Mobile Solutions: Making IT Mobile

CIO Vendor While native apps offer obvious performance advantages, creating and maintaining custom apps can be an expensive undertaking. First cost is often only a down payment as even a minor change in content requires code rewrite and a resubmission process that can cost thousands and take weeks.

A company from Austin, Texas has created a solution for these problems. AVAI Mobile, founded by Rand Arnold, has created the AVAI Mobile Platform, AMP™. AMP is a first-to-market Platform as a Service (PaaS) toolkit for creating, deploying and managing mobile apps. AMP’s multi-level technology communicates with cloud services and mobile devices to generate an uninterrupted channel between the user and the published app. “Our PaaS model removes the need for coding and enables non-developers to modify their app instantly,” says Rand. “We directly address the concerns of CEOs, CTOs and CIOs who rightly worry about the cost involved in mobile and the time it takes to execute a project. It is no secret that custom coded projects generally cost more and take longer than initially planned. So AVAI Mobile provides an integrated toolkit that is tested and available in the market and which requires little or no development to bring your apps to market.”
The Next Generation in Mobile App Management

AMP™ is highly customizable and comes pre-built with cutting-edge app features and functionality. This empowers organizations to get to market fast, then iterate as appropriate, at a fraction of the cost of building a custom application from scratch.

In 2007, with the release of the iPhone, AVAI Mobile Solutions began developing mobile applications software. After authoring a few mobile apps, it quickly became evident that writing and continually revising native applications was not desirable for clients. With this realization, AMP was born. AMP’s turn-key, single-source framework is built around AWS Amazon cloud servers, securing an unparalleled level of reliability and scalability for client applications.

AMP has facilitated the development of hundreds of mobile apps, spanning numerous platforms, features and industries. “We continue to add to our portfolio of features and capabilities, while ensuring reliability and scalability remain,” adds Rand. The company currently delivers to three types of customers: Direct, Enterprise, and Product Partner. Since it was drafted, AVAI’s ission has remained constant. “Saving Businesses from the Cost and Complexity of Creating and Managing Custom Mobile Apps.” This has earned the company a reputation for producing advanced technology solutions that help their customers save on mobile development costs, and thereby make more money.

AVAI Mobile Solutions

A provider of mobile development platform (PaaS) which saves businesses from the cost and complexity of creating and managing custom mobile apps