Avantgarde Partners: Automating Security Responses

Robi Papp, Managing Partner
Keeping pace with the growing sophistication of enterprise cyberattacks requires businesses to be proactive about risk mitigation. As organizations move their systems to cloud environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS), they need to change their framework for security controls, as compliance requirements differ from on-premises environments. An organization that has carved a niche for itself in fortifying enterprise cloud environments through robust managed services for cloud security is San Francisco, CA-based, Avantgarde Partners. A next generation managed service provider, Avantgarde Partners has transformed the way enterprises respond to security alerts through orchestrated response programs. “We function as all or an extension of our clients’ security team,” says Robi Papp, managing partner, Avantgarde Partners.

Avantgarde Partners’ primary managed service to cloud security consists of Harmony for SOC—the managed security program that enables security operations centers (SOCs) to remediate threats automatically with response orchestration. “SOCs are unable to respond to the frequency of alerts coming in, so we identify the most time-consuming tasks and automate them based on standard operating procedures (SOPs),” mentions Papp. The company provides comprehensive visibility of the entire cloud environment to hasten the remediation responses, which Papp says, “helps in protecting the sensitive data in the ecosystem.” The company has partnered with several organizations that are developing alerting technologies to detect security violations. While tools identify violations, Avantgarde Partners automates the responses to each security alert in accordance with SOPs.

Deploying a solution involves understanding clients’ pain points, concerns, and objectives. Using a proprietary methodology, Avantgarde Partners traces the root cause of each problem and initiates the steps to implement automation controls to counter them. “We work with our customers to tailor solutions by taking into account all parameters ranging from a company’s size and workflow complexity to equipping them for future growth and handling legacy systems,” explains Papp.

We function as an extension of our clients’ security team

Based on the policies implemented by clients, Avantgarde Partners provides a deeper and richer set of services required for clients to achieve their objectives. Furthermore, the company also assists in framing robust and effective policies to implement security. Periodic measurements to determine the effectiveness of the solution are also a part of Avantgarde Partners’ engagement with clients.

Avantgarde Partners’ solutions proved valuable for one of the largest SaaS companies that needed to comply with the contractual obligations of their information security controls. One such control was a web application firewall, which Avantgarde Partners helped evaluate, source and also manage. Further, as the client’s security audit revealed the absence of adequate incident response techniques, Avantgarde Partners developed a series of use cases to create SOPs, which were then codified into Harmony for SOC; information from the logs were used to create appropriate responses to threat alerts in accordance with the SOPs. Not only did the solution secure the client’s environment, but also empowered its SOC to handle more incidents in a short span of time, increasing the productivity manifold.

Avantgarde Partners’ current focus is on enhancing its managed detection and response capabilities further and reduce manual intervention in threat mitigation by leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). “Every day we receive requests for very specific use cases for which we provide effective solutions,” states Papp, adding that the company makes the best use of its experience in responding to AWS security violations. With the battle between security and cyberattacks being never ending, Avantgarde Partners is well-prepped to combat the challenges in this space.

Avantgarde Partners

San Francisco, CA

Robi Papp, Managing Partner

Provides response orchestration solutions to remediate security threats

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