Avanxo: Delivering Target-oriented Cloud Solutions

Diego Maldonado, CEO
When Diego Maldonado established Avanxo in 2003, he envisioned to embed five qualities in the DNA of his firm: respect, ethics, commitment, adaptability, and solidarity. Soon enough, Maldonado’s firm grew to prominence in Latin America through key partnerships formed with the pioneering vendors in the cloud space—Salesforce. com, AWS, and Microsoft. Today, Avanxo helps companies of all types and across all industries to transform their business through technology, with a world-class team that has successfully delivered more than 450 projects in 11 countries. Being one of the pioneers in the cloud computing market, the firm is now all set to conquer the US turf. “We are taking our success stories as examples and are starting to extend into the US market to cater to the enterprise needs of target-oriented cloud solutions with the combination of near-shore resources that are based out of Latin America and US resources,” says Diego Maldonado, CEO at Avanxo.

The expert team at Avanxo works with SalesForce, Amazon Web Services, Apttus, Informatica, Microsoft Azure, Google, and similar names and aims at integrating solutions for providing customers with local implementation support. Clients are given expert advice on defining and realizing a cloud strategy, from migration and application development, through to infrastructure management.

Highlighting their approach, Maldonado mentions that their approach is diverse from traditional implementation, as they like to call it a cloud transformation project, as opposed to migration. “When we refer to it as cloud migration, it sounds a little bit technical. But ours is a more business-like strategy,” adds Maldonado. The process begins with assessing the business objectives of their clients and then developing the process blueprint, which leverages their expertise as well as the best practices of the cloud solution that they implement.

Avanxo recently assisted Grupo Sura—a holding company comprising different business units, including insurance, health, and financial services— to observe a 20 percent increase in the efficiency of salespeople using Salesforce against non-users. As a result of Avanxo’s pilot project, Sura was able to launch the Salesforce Health Cloud project for the Private Health Insurance BU.

With intelligent CRM, where we help our customers leverage AI and new ways of extracting insights through data analytics to anticipate their client´s needs—it’s an evolutionary approach to business transformation

The firm’s partnership with Salesforce has been substantial as Avanxo is a Platinum Consulting Partner of Salesforce Latin America and the No. 1 Partner in Latin America, thanks to its certified consultants, customer satisfaction ratings, and projects implemented in different industries and clients in the region.

Further, the firm’s support services deliver the needs of an ongoing engagement that helps customers leverage new functionalities and constantly change the way they engage with their own customers. “Solutions are constantly changing and all we need to do is to make sure that customers are utilizing the new functionalities and features, such as intelligent CRM, where we help our customers leverage AI and new ways of extracting insights through data analytics to anticipate their client´s needs—it’s an evolutionary approach to business transformation,” substantiates Maldonado.

Today, thirteen years into the business, Avanxo has evolved beyond SMB customers into a company with the most number of enterprise cloud deployments with most impacting and faster results, and its eyes set on expanding its data analytics portfolio into the US market. “So far, we have been focused on automating the processes of engagement with the customers. We believe that our future is going to be more in helping customers analyze and aggregate data, and produce intelligent views by using predictive analytics to enhance business decision-making,” concludes Maldonado.


Houston, TX

Diego Maldonado, CEO

Avanxo allow organizations to optimize their IT processes through target-oriented cloud solutions