AVASOFT: Shaping Next Generation Software Solutions

Radhakrishnan RAV, CEO
In the SharePoint landscape, there are hundreds of vendors offering solutions, but AVASOFT stands out as the only company with its own Office 365 tool that can migrate any version of SharePoint, Lotus Notes, IBM Connections and other content platforms. Based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, AVASOFT works with enterprise customers across various verticals to deliver solutions for office automation, social computing, and mobile and cloud computing.

Providing enterprise-level business functional applications on SharePoint, especially the Office 365 version, is a challenging proposition. As SharePoint becomes fully integrated on the cloud, developers must build and deploy complex applications that are scalable in the cloud with a predominant SaaS based application front end. AVASOFT encountered this challenge early on when building their Office 365 applications and wrote innovative, advanced JavaScript frontend applications with a business service layer that is supported by an array of complex distributed computing solutions. This advanced solution framework is completely flexible based on a client’s hybrid strategy.

The long-term value proposition offered by AVASOFT is that they enable existing content and its dimensions to work for their clients. As more focus is placed on engagement management today, it is important to understand the interconnected customer experience. Stored content is used to make future business decisions and eventually becomes a key feeder to machine learning and knowledge management. Radhakrishnan RAV, CEO of AVASOFT explains, “We clearly see a demand in the future for content experts and Data scientists. Our journey is based on a clear understanding of how content can help to transform business by analyzing the actions of the past to predict future behavior and influence action. This thought process and approach is what drove us to build our tools.”

AVASOFT’s solutions and services have pervaded through many sectors that include insurance, finance, manufacturing, nonprofit, government, and healthcare verticals.

Our journey is based on a clear understanding of how content and data can help to transform business

One of their success stories involved Rexnord, a worldwide industrial company that was seeking reusable framework and predefined layouts for new business. Rexnord had created a website to advertise their products and engage customers throughout the globe. As a global company, they continually had to manage content on SharePoint within very aggressive time frames. AVASOFT collaborated with Rexnord to identify the common entities of future sites on SharePoint which lead to the development of a custom site template that could be used to accelerate the creation of new sites. The business process employed a reusable workflow and was modified only for changes in new sites before it was deployed. The template allowed business users to quickly add and modify business content for new sites within the agreed timelines.

At AVASOFT, their goal is to add value by transforming their customer’s business experience, saving them time and money. The company's products, combined with their framework philosophy have resulted in a large set of reusable products and solutions, which makes their cost to delivery ratio one among the best in the industry. With its solutions that rely on robust collaborative knowledge management and a reusable framework based environment, AVASOFT helps to reduce their customers’ total cost of ownership year on year. As they move forward with their offerings, RK states, “In the future, we would like to be the premier worldwide SharePoint solution provider. We are close to deploying products and solutions for most enterprise business problems. All our learnings and best practices are added to the innovations we have in the pipeline to meet the unique business needs of our customers.”


Blue Bell, PA

Radhakrishnan RAV, CEO

AVASOFT is a product and solutions company offering next generation products and solutions to transform business