Avelead: Implementing Clinically Driven Revenue Cycle

John Goforth, Sr. Director
Many hospitals struggle with EMR implementation projects, let alone transitioning to a clinically driven revenue cycle. In its effort to bridge the gap between implementation projects and daily operations, Avelead—an innovative healthcare technology firm—is helping hospitals through its leadership and technology offerings. Avelead’s services and methodology were recently applied at a multi-hospital and ambulatory healthcare system. The task was to implement a clinically driven revenue cycle solution in a rescue scenario for a health system who had missed their go-live four times. After being engaged, Avelead put their tools and processes in place—both from a project leadership and technology perspective—to help them get them back on track. Subsequently the health system successfully went live on a full suite of Cerner Revenue Cycle, Acute and Ambulatory systems.

Avelead has a very precise methodology, which is to identify client requirements and challenges, develop focused project plans, and provide the necessary tools to execute. The company has developed proprietary tools to put checks and balances in place, ensuring a high quality, metric-based implementation process. This process and tools based approach is used throughout the design, build, testing, and training phases for repeatable results.

Avelead offers three specific solutions through their portfolio. The first is project and program management, wherein, they have a team of program, clinical, financial, and technical project managers who successfully lead these implementations. This approach allows Avelead to get all stakeholders working toward a common goal, be it a vendor or a facility. Avelead’s leadership methodology was key towards driving change to a clinically driven mindset of the care providers as part of system implementations.

We are as our customers call us, the Swiss Army Knife of implementation

Secondarily, Avelead also focuses on providing technical services consisting of HL7 interfaces, data conversion, and migration of clinical and patient demographic data. “We are as our customers call us, the Swiss Army Knife of implementation,” remarks John Goforth, Sr. Director at Avelead. Additionally, one of the biggest challenges during the implementation or conversion is the management of the master data files, be it a physician file, a chargemaster file, or a location file. The ability to ensure that the data is clean and synchronized, especially for chargemaster and financial files is crucial. As a result, one of the key areas for Avelead involves the management of the chargemaster build, tracking, and pricing to drive revenue integrity through Avelead’s Master Build Automation Tool (MBAT) platform.

The third component is Revenue Cycle analytics and optimization. This includes monitoring revenue pre-implementation and post-implementation to ensure the health system maintains revenue neutrality and avoid revenue leakage. Avelead achieves this by utilizing the MBAT platform of revenue integrity management offerings consisting of tools like the Data Comparison Engine (DCE), Revenue Identification (REViD), and Revenue Neutrality Analytics (RNA).

By utilizing a reliable process-based, tools-based, and metric based methodology Avelead helps implement successful clinically driven revenue cycle system implementations for multi-hospital acute and ambulatory health systems across the country. Avelead’s tagline of “Leadership. Technology. Results.” is deeply engrained in their people and it shows in their client’s success.


Suwanee, GA

John Goforth, Sr. Director

Avelead is an innovative healthcare technology firm providing leadership and technology to deliver client results