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Anupam Gupta, Director & Founder
Big Data has unleashed new waves of productivity where companies are striving to convert the massive data into meaningful insights by using open source such as Hadoop ecosystem. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, and founded in 1994, Avenues International is a leading firm providing expert consulting services and solutions in Big Data Analytics. The firm has been focusing exclusively on end-to-end Big Data, Managed Cloud Hosting, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions for two decades.

Anupam Gupta, Director & Founder, Avenues International, explains that “until recently, the high costs of storage, computing power, and software licenses fees has discouraged many companies to gather, store and perform data analytics on large amount of data.” For last few years, working extensively on open source Hadoop, Hive, Map Reduce and incorporating Cloud servers, Avenues International has created powerful robust Frameworks which can rapidly and cost effectively deploy Big Data Solutions.

Big Data Frameworks developed by Avenues are easily customizable to meet a client’s specific business needs. Business information that includes unstructured data coming from social media, web applications and third parties are extracted and stored on Hadoop File system and Hive. Advance analytics techniques such as predictive analytics, data mining, statistical models, and natural language processing are implemented to gain valuable Insight on this data. “Currently, we bring social media and other public data and are performing sentiment analysis on predefined key words for our clients. Our skilled team of professionals, using our Big Data solutions Framework and methodology has consistently provided the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to our clients,” asserts Gupta.
Avenues is the Consulting partner and worldwide resellers of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Systems Integration Partners of “Cloudera” and “Hortonworks” and has recently launched Managed Big Data Hosting Solution. For any company to design, install, configure and maintain a Big Data infrastructure environment on their own can be a very tedious, cumbersome and a time consuming process. “Today Enterprise can’t afford to be slow, and it is not just saving money, with our Managed Big Data Hosting Plans, in matter of 2 to 3 days we create an optimally configured Big Data environment up and running for our clients,” says Gupta, “so that clients can focus on their business and not worry about setting up infrastructure and software.” This subscription based services from Avenues provide complete flexibility, speed of deployment along with high availability and durability.

Avenues International serves diverse sectors that include Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Banking & Financial Services and Government (State and City Agencies). In one of the several successful projects carried out by Avenues International, it has assisted some of its Health Care clients to have a detailed review of the services provided by hospitals, number of patients who visit hospitals, how often they come, and questions pertaining to the readmissions to the hospitals. Avenues collected the public data, available on the internet, from the department of health and other sources, brought this to a Big Data infrastructure and ran analytics to provide valuable Insights. Various Sentiment analysis on social media data for key values related to media, automobile, financial services have also been developed and published for the clients. In the coming days, Avenues International would continue to focus on the real time Big Data Analytics, and managed cloud solutions. With the advancement of technology, the Big Data analytics capabilities will be within reach of almost everyone. “The technology will evolve rapidly, making it possible for anybody to easily analyze data, whether it is a company or an individual, and provide them the insights to succeed in this world” explains Gupta.

Avenues International

Pinceton, NJ

Anupam Gupta, Director & Founder

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