AVer Information, Inc.: Visual Collaboration Solutions to Create Engaging Learning Environments

CIO VendorMichael Kuo, Co-founder and CEO
It is not an uncommon scene where children are immersed in their smartphones/tablets playing games, browsing, and enjoying videos. Educational institutions are increasingly looking to integrate these technologies to increase enthusiasm, interaction and engagement while countering absenteeism, poor performance, and lack of enthusiasm towards learning. As educators strive to create modern and effective learning environments, students and teachers are presented with a multitude of instructional technologies. However, the sheer variety of technology available makes it difficult to create and offer seamless curriculum that combines content with technology to increase collaboration and engagement while keeping the teacher mobile throughout the classroom. Understanding these issues is AVer Information, a Silicon Valley-based company, which develops solutions that combine live and physical content into interactive software that can be annotated, recorded, and shared instantly between teacher and student, or to the cloud for flipped and blended learning.

As today’s classrooms continue to evolve with technology, many schools are getting equipped with the next generation text books (Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops). AVer’s solutions enhance the use of these electronic text books. The company’s Sphere2 software and ClassSend Student Engagement App lets students interact and engage with the document camera connected to teacher’s PC/Mac. Developed by AVer, these cameras can capture and display physical content and curriculum onto larger screens, as well directly to the student devices in real-time. Working in conjunction with Sphere2 curriculum software, ClassSend provides immersive, 1 to 1 classroom engagement by allowing students to use their handheld devices to interact directly with the teacher and lesson content. To keep these gadgets functioning, AVer also provides charging carts that support 30–40 devices, in sleek compact designs, secured and ideal for varying screen sizes. These intelligent charging systems save school's money by regulating power consumption and securing the devices themselves, while ensuring the devices are available, ready and functional for everyday use.

The company goes a step further with its camera innovations, to make schools safer for students, faculty and assets. Their IP Cameras
implemented in schools and campuses deter theft, vandalism, and violence while providing immediate alerts and real-time access for administrators and first responders. As events occur, AVer’s Campus Security solutions clearly identify incidents, suspects and other security threats for investigation and prosecution.

We create our solutions based on the needs and pain points of our clients, which makes our products unique and sustainable in today’s changing environments

AVer understands customer demands and frustrations. “We create our solutions based on the needs and pain points of our clients, which makes our products unique and sustainable in today’s changing environments,” says Michael Kuo, the co-founder and CEO of AVer. In one such example, the company, leveraging TabCam and iPads, helped Ocoee Middle School keep students engaged in a digital world. “Kids have iPads/smarphones, but when they come to school, we ask them to switch it off—shunning the very devices which can help us engage students,” said Jason Caperton, TechBrarian, Ocoee Middle School. “When we were trying out a strategy to utilize these devices to create effective learning environment, we came across AVer,” he adds. With TabCam, AVer brought real-life, real-time content, where the class can interact with live content, record full lessons, play it back, annotate over their content, or post it to online venues right from their hand held screens so no one misses any part of the instruction.

AVer’s ability to empower schools’ digital initiatives has helped it to gain major clientele such as Los Angeles Unified School District, Palm Beach County School District, Fairfax County Public Schools, and Duval County Public Schools. “Continuing to listen and work directly with educators and students, we focus on understanding the needs of educators, and develop solutions to fulfill these needs,” concludes Kuo.


Fremont, CA

Michael Kuo, Co-founder and CEO

AVer offers visual collaboration, campus security, and charging solutions for an immersive learning environment.