Avertra: Digitalizing Utility Businesses

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Bashir Bseirani, CEO
Formed by a group of committed problem solvers, Avertra, the global technology development and consultancy firm has come to galvanize the utility industry with innovative solutions and services. In just a brief period of 10 years, Avertra’s impeccable suite of MiUtility Products and SAP services have already emerged as one of the promising business optimization offerings for gas, water, electric and sewer utilities. It is the company’s ability to help their customers successfully improve ROI, increase revenues, and meet specific requirements that attract new customers.

For instance, when Avertra’s efficacious efforts in helping Dollar Energy Fund digitize and optimize their low-income housing administration process grants or funding went online, it inadvertently leads to a call from Puget Sound Energy, a large multi-service utility in the Seattle area, for a demonstration.

While making its demonstration to Puget Sound Energy, Avertra, unlike other firms, presented a detailed proposal of what their products are capable of, their functionalities, and an articulate roadmap for end-to-end business scenarios. The aspect of Avertra possessing pre-built, real products for disbursal helped them present a real-life glimpse of their solutions, and hitherto successfully winning the project from Puget Sound Energy.

Having developed a leaping expanse over its MiUtility suite and SAP implementation services, Avertra has come to offer a specialized Business Transformation service to accelerate the complete operational process of utility businesses. Developed with the purpose to enable utility businesses to offer web-based services which are fast, easily accessible and uncomplicated, Avertra’s Business Transformation service targets every aspect of the business through a highly structured framework. In an instance, Avertra successfully helped Loudoun Water, public water and sewer services firm in Ashburn, Virginia undergo a complete digital transformation in just 12 weeks.
It all starts with the inception enablement mode, where the clients are initially trained to comprehend and use the required applications that Avertra offers. "The inception enablement helps us establish a true benchmark of what our applications are required to achieve," states Bashir Bseirani, CEO, Avertra. Succeeded by the designing phase, where Avertra puts together journey maps, process flows, UML diagrams and other project artifacts required by the customer. Following which, itstarts the construction mode where all the transformational elements of the operational processes are duly consolidated. "For us, construction is not just a technical term referring to product development but also indicates human/business process changes,” remarks Bseirani. Then lastly, carrying out the ROI calculations, performance tests, security tests, and compliance checks before the solutions are finally rolled out.

The company also recognizes the immense potential of data analytics to bolster business outputs.To this end, Avertra pioneers in delivering business analytics as a service to its customers. Its analytics services include data management, data warehousing, data integration and business intelligence implementation. Also, Avertra leverages analytics to its internal operations. The company creates behavioral profiles of clients and client’s customers to help them identify their customers’ requirements and induce more effective functionalities to their offerings. For instance, when a customer requests Avertra for the most optimum payment solution, it first makes a detailed demographic analysis, taking into consideration factors such as hospitals, universities, and industries to determine whether walk-in or online payment is the best service to offer for a specific geographical location.

Moving ahead, Avertra looks forward to incorporating its solutions with AI and augmented reality to further their clients’ ability to offer enhanced customer experiences. Having established itself as a premier payment orchestrator, Avertra further eyes to upgrade the application to blockchain and add an extra layer of security.


Herndon, VA

Bashir Bseirani, CEO and Giancarlo Reyes, Founder & COO and Bruce Goldblatt, President

Avertra is a Global Integration Services, Products & Consultancy Organization with a main focus on the Energy and Utilities Industry. With one of the best internal Implementation, Development, Support, and Services Teams in the US and European Markets, they strive to exceed their customers’ expectations and achieve the immediate realization of the value within the first year of the partnerships. The internal and external teams possess the highest level of experience when it comes to SAP IS-U /CR&B Consulting & Advisement, CSS Web Portal Product Deployments, Smart Grid Solutions, and Analytics for Business Intelligence. Their innovative solutions and delivery models are designed to take customers’ to the point where support is a choice, not a requirement