AVETTA Global: A Unique Approach to Cloud Migration

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Melissa Fox, Founder and Lloyd Marino, CEO
No one can refute that the cloud has percolated deep into many aspects of today’s IT and its contributions to businesses are manifold. Yet, the pressing question that keeps executives from making the leap to the cloud is: can they trust it? Lloyd Marino, CEO of AVETTA Global, asks, “Most businesses question the reliability of the cloud as their data is stored somewhere they do not have physical access to. How do they know if the data is secure?” At the same time, outmoded on-premise infrastructure often stifles a company’s growth, draining their internal resources. Debunking the myths around cloud’s security, California-based AVETTA Global is on a mission to help organizations make a move to the cloud and trust its potential, steering them away from the hassle of managing their infrastructure.

As a cloud service provider, AVETTA Global assists clients with infrastructure as a service, hosting specific portable resources such as file services, Active Directory, and other core services on the cloud. In specific scenarios, like manufacturing, where particular line-of-business applications require access to on-premise devices, AVETTA Global brings in enterprise-class hybrid cloud solutions by shifting just the backend database to the cloud. If needed, the company also helps clients move their entire compute environment to the cloud, bringing in unprecedented flexibility, versatility, efficiency, and global accessibility.

Marino goes on to mention that one of the major benefits that AVETTA Global brings to the table through its cloud solution is cost efficiency. He says, “Some of our clients know, down to the last penny, how much it costs to onboard a new employee because all the resources and software licenses (such as MS Office 365 or Adobe license, remote desktop, and more) they need to acquire are subscription based.” Most importantly, AVETTA Global takes the IT burden off the shoulders of its clients, freeing them to focus more on core business objectives. With proactive monitoring of clients’ cloud environments, as opposed to the traditional reactive measures, AVETTA Global ensures zero downtime and seamless service delivery. In an instance, AVETTA Global assisted a client that was encumbered by an aging infrastructure in their cloud migration, with absolutely no downtime.

AVETTA Global is on a mission to help organizations make a move to the cloud and trust its potential

While the managed service provider that the client had employed earlier was able to move only their e-mail off-premise, AVETTA Global virtualized their physical servers and moved the entire on-premise infrastructure to IBM Cloud in about a week without any disruptions or outages.

Adopting a distinctive approach to cybersecurity, AVETTA Global empowers clients to place their confidence in the cloud. While other competitors often instill the fear of potential cyber-attacks, AVETTA Global measures a client’s risk exposure depending on the critical data they hold and provides solutions those clients can pay for as little or as much as they need. Besides, AVETTA Global’s uniqueness stems from its capability to utilize the full potential of a client’s infrastructure and resources rather than recommending new solutions, which is a step ahead of competitors’ traditional methodologies. Case in point: if a client has deployed Microsoft Office 365 for emails and Office, AVETTA would recommend them OneDrive for storage instead of investing further in another online storage solution, helping them make the most of the licensing and the products already in place.

Having architected solutions for a multitude of customers from various industries such as law, manufacturing, advertising, finance, and more, AVETTA Global holds extensive knowledge as an IT service provider. Drawing on their rich experience, Marino and his team deeply understand the processes and procedures involved in diverse implementation scenarios and can devise the requisite solutions quickly. For the future, AVETTA Global aims to enhance its solutions further by implementing AI and machine learning and equip clients with advanced analytics and reporting.


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Melissa Fox, Founder and Lloyd Marino, CEO

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