Avexia: Holistic Recovery for Athletes

With the World Ironman Championship approaching, Bill—a competitive triathlete— was struggling with his workouts. Having only recently recovered from knee surgery, he was working hard to get ready for the event. Running, normally his strongest event, was proving difficult. He was experiencing low endurance, muscle fatigue, and irritability. Additionally, his last knee surgery, the length of recovery, and fear of re-injury had impacted him psychologically, leaving him fighting hard to maintain his confidence and keep up a competitive edge. On the advice of his team doctor, he enrolled with Avexia to help him better manage his recovery. With the help of Avexia’s tools and resources and his clinical team, Bill recovered from overtraining and learned how to effectively cope with the many demands of his training lifestyle and get back in the right frame of mind.

In the U. S. alone there are over 50 million athletes who are prone to similar bouts of emotional and behavioral health issues at various points in their athletic careers, wherein they fail to grasp that in addition to their physical recovery needs they need support to manage the emotional and psychological. Without proper support, they risk being unable to return to their performance levels. This is where Avexia steps in. The Denver-based company is an athlete-centered recovery management platform designed to put the athlete at the center of their healthcare.

“While most treatment plans for athletes typically address the physical health and its challenges, Avexia addresses all factors of recovery: physical, emotional, behavioral and social—on a single platform to facilitate a holistic recovery,” states Steve Moye, the brain behind Avexia, a survivor of a sports injury himself. The state-of-the-art health recovery platform comes with an array of tools to help athletes convalesce from physical and emotional injury and build mental toughness. Users can enter specific injuries or emotional distress issues they are experiencing on the Avexia platform and with proprietary solutions, be presented with personalized care plans, goals-setting and tracking, self-help resources, validated assessments, and a tracking mechanism that provides users with enhanced skills and knowledge to bring about steady progress and eventually, a full recovery.

Avexia’s solution suite includes a Self- Help Digital Library; Recovery Tools Hub; Expressive Therapy; and a Peer Support Community.
The platform offers physical recovery services like self-management activity supporting injury recovery and pain and medication management support. In addition, it offers behavioral and emotional recovery. Over time, Avexia uses the data accumulated through these tools to provide users with AI-powered, logic-driven, content that suggests alternative practices, additional referrals, or need for change in medication practices.

Avexia addresses all domains: physical, emotional, behavioral, social—on a single platform to facilitate a holistic recovery

Interactive features promote mental and behavioral assessment and management by utilizing validated metrics. Following completion of the assessments, users are provided with personalized feedback about their scores and directed toward evidence-based content housed in the Self-Help Digital Library to help athletes manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, etc.

Expressive Therapy and Peer Support Community are two other critical pieces of Avexia’s solution suite. Users are encouraged to maintain a personal online journal and tell their stories, known to boost mental wellbeing. The 24/7 anonymous peer support community offers athletes the space to share personal experiences and remove feelings of isolation.

Avexia envisions focusing on sport medicine and orthopedic centers initially and expanding into university athletic departments. “We are endeavoring to cater to elite organizations and Olympian athletes as well,” asserts Moye.


Denver, CO

Steve Moye, Co-Founder & CEO

Avexia is an athlete-centered recovery management platform designed to put the athlete at the center of their healthcare, helping athletes convalesce from physical and emotional recovery