Aviat Networks [NASDAQ:AVNW]: End-to-end Powerful Microwave Platform Services and Solutions

Michael Pangia, President & CEO
As wireless carriers start to move towards 4G technology, it is placing huge demands on their backhaul infrastructure. As a result, microwave and wireless back hauling has become an indispensable form of communication across networks around the world. However, organizations are constantly in search of one single platform that can meet all their wireless backhaul needs. With a strong focus on transforming communications networks, Aviat Networks [NASDAQ:AVNW], a one-stop microwave networking solution provider, helps organizations to handle the exploding growth of IP-centric, multi-Gigabit data services. “Our aim is to provide innovative wireless solutions to resolve customers’ backhaul issues at the minimum total cost of ownership,” says Michael Pangia, President and CEO, Aviat Networks.

The company designs, manufactures and sells a range of wireless networking products, solutions and services to mobile and fixed operators, private network operators, government agencies, and broadcast network operators around the world. Being a microwave networking specialist, Aviat enables customers to deploy, monitor and manage systems along with third party equipment, such as antennas, routers, and optical transmission equipment. The company’s products include both point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) digital microwave transmission systems designed for first or last mile access, middle mile or backhaul, and long distance trunking applications.

Aviat is the first to combine microwave radio and IP or MPLS router functionality into a single unit. These units are designed to be small in size, smart with extensive L2 and L3 routing functions and simple to operate in any microwave network. Aviat’s product, which consists of CTR 8000 series of microwave routers are compact multi-service, multi-layered microwave hubs, designed to deliver scalable microwave routing functions that operators can configure to increase capacity, security and performance.
“We also offer a selection of microwave switches to fit different location and density requirement needs, ranging from compact cell site locations to large aggregation networking hubs,” adds Pangia.

In addition, the company transports high-speed Ethernet data, video and voice services to meet the rigorous demands for public security, first responders, and local or city government organizations. The company also meets the backhaul infrastructure needs of modern day mobile networks. “Our leading edge solutions feature the Eclipse Packet Node, which empower organizations with transformational high-speed wireless transmission solution,” adds Pangia. The solution provides the efficiency to gradually migrate mobile backhaul networks toward next-generation 4G, while preserving investments and protecting revenue streams from existing 2G or 3G infrastructure.

For more than five decades, customers have relied on Aviat’s high performance and scalable solutions to help them maximize their investments and resolve their challenging network issues. In one such instance, MTN Nigeria, a wireless telecommunications provider in Nigeria, has the most wide spread and heterogeneous microwave communications network in all of Africa. To preserve and enlarge this vast infrastructure of 3400 kilometers of digital transmission gear, MTN required an upgrade of its legacy equipment for a state-of-the-art backhaul. Aviat delivered upgrades for making the operator’s backbone a 7+1 configuration with TRuepoint 6500 radios and multiples of Eclipse radios for non-hop sites. The company also empowered their client with spares management service at 20 sites around Nigeria, ensuring that they get replacement parts within a short period of time for critical service requests.

Forging ahead, the company plans on innovating and delivering more products worldwide to help organizations make the transition to the new digital age. Aviat also plans on expanding their footprint globally in the upcoming days.

Aviat Networks

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Michael Pangia, President & CEO

Provider of microwave networking solutions, transforming communications networks to handle the exploding growth of IP-centric, multi-Gigabit data services