Avicor Aviation: Taking Into Air with Ones Own Stipulation

Alan Tamm, President
Aviation, with its massive boom in tourism and increasing income, has become a very promising sector all over the world and as such it needs to give emphasis in customer satisfaction. Today, people want to have their own way to sky and as such the need to understand the aircrafts according to its requirements has become important. Avicor Aviation, located in Beaverton, OR, is a company that provides developing business plans, undertaking market assessments and feasibility studies, strategic planning, and aviation industry analysis.

Avicor Aviation is in the aviation business since last two decades and the company not only deals in corporate and business jets but also upgrades, renovates and completes the different parts of the aircraft.
It provides consulting services for aircraft owners, operators and financiers for acquisitions and appraisals of business aircrafts. It gives clear insight to the customers regarding the process of acquiring aircraft, its equipments and the electronic systems used. Moreover it welcomes feedback from qualified technical personnel before giving clear title for the acquisition.

The company offers services to both individuals and corporations to acquire or replace a new or used aircraft respectively. “We offer business contacts at any aviation company in any department and across any segment of the industry. Our mission is to map every aviation business organization and keep them current through a collaborative effort,” says Allan Tamm, the President of Avicor Aviation.


Beaverton, OR

Alan Tamm, President

Provides knowledge of the aircraft to the buyers according to the needs and requirements.