AvidBeam Technologies: Enhancing Video Surveillance with Big Data Capabilities

Hani Elgebaly, Founder and CEO
Video traffic is inevitably growing rapidly in the wake of an increasing number of media-active internet users, connected devices, and faster broadband. However, video data differs from traditional data in that it is a continuous stream of non-discrete events, consequently requiring large storage space. Current solutions are mostly expensive and are unable to scale with large deployments. AvidBeam Technologies, an Oregon based company, offers an alternative, cost-effective video surveillance solution by employing big data tools and cloud-based platforms to extract intelligence from video feeds with parallel streaming capabilities. “The AvidBeam big data toolset is open and extensible providing instantaneous access to enormous volumes of input video feeds, while striking a balance between processing at the edge of network and in the cloud,” says Hani Elgebaly, Founder and CEO, AvidBeam Technologies.

The company’s platform handles vast amounts of video or image input data through its in-bred technique of compressing video feeds over the network without compromising on its quality by filtering and splitting video sources before uploading to the cloud. “AvidBeam’s approach combines computer vision advances with big data tools to create a platform enabling the processing of large sets of video feeds to extract intelligence and knowledge in real-time,” asserts Elgebaly. The firm’s platform employs open source Big Data tools— Hadoop, Spark, and Storm—which streamlines video input into the platform using custom-built modules, along with the capabilities to configure third-party computer vision algorithms. “Our own computer vision algorithms along with third party algorithms are plugged into the platform administering cost-effective, commercially available cloud-based real-time video processing on a massively parallel scale,” notes Elgebaly.

Armed with big data tools, the company offers its flagship product, AvidBeam ViBE™, which is a video information analytics business engine with the ability to efficiently extract security intelligence information from various video sources. “ViBE™ can address security in parking lots, gated communities, malls, and any number of venues where traffic and people congregate,” remarks Elgebaly. This can prove vital for a number of use cases, including retail market, license plate and vehicle recognition, facial detection and recognition, medical image correlation and analysis, and entertainment applications.

ViBE™ can address security in parking lots, gated communities, malls, and any number of venues where traffic and people congregate

Explaining how the solution can function for e-retailers, Elgebaly says, “ViBE™ allows customer flow and distribution, hot spots, cashier queue performance, correlation between advertising/ discount campaigns and customer visits, customer access duration, and density and traffic forecasts based on history. The results are captured in graphical representation of findings and detailed reports.”

For a company, which started in 2014, AvidBeam has shown exceptional grit and character in establishing a client-base across various parts of the globe. Reflecting this is their work with Smart Village, a technology park gated community in Egypt interested in identifying the vehicles entering and exiting the park while gathering information and addressing other queries primarily for securing its facility. “We conducted a proof-of-concept to meet the requirements of Smart Village management accounting for all vehicles entering and exiting the park including tracking through parking lots,” cites Elgebaly. With Smart Village occupying an area of 467 acres, ViBE™ facilitated an easy to use platform for monitoring vehicle count and recognition through a number of filters which enabled security personnel to track particular vehicles by date, entry/exit gate number, or license plate numbers.

The company is currently set to launch its beta program for the video big data toolset. Seeing the potential which the internet video market offers, they are also encouraging other enthusiasts to join their program. “In 2016 we see ourselves validating the new video big data toolset in the market and creating a portfolio of solutions in multiple fields around the globe,” concludes Elgebaly.

AvidBeam Technologies

Beaverton, OR

Hani Elgebaly, Founder and CEO

Offering cost-effective and scalable solutions for video surveillance with enhanced big data capabilities, incorporating third party computer vision algorithms

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