Aviso: AI-Driven Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management

Tom Victory, VP of Marketing
The explosion of data has made the conventional techniques of sales forecasting and pipeline management obsolete. Although companies require optimized solutions to stay ahead of the competition curve, they continue to rely on traditional methods for mining value from legacy CRM data and spreadsheets. Architecting a paradigm shift is Aviso, a solution that automates the sales forecasting process through its AI-powered platform. The platform draws insights from the client’s CRM data and offers predictive sales insights. Using its state-of-the-art technology, sales leaders use the real-time information Aviso puts at their fingertips to course correct where needed and proactively shape quarterly sales results.

The AI-driven forecasting solution’s algorithms complement human intuition with machine learning and AI-based insights to provide guidance for sales. It takes into account forecast numbers from multiple lines of business and generates a single forecast number, thereby reducing complexity in managing sales operations. “Our clients love our tool as it provides them with automated and accurate forecasting rollups, which eliminates the reliance on error-prone spreadsheets and improves outcomes,” says Tom Victory, VP of Marketing, Aviso. With Aviso Sales Vision, sales executives and CFOs deliver accurate forecasts, sales managers move deals through the pipeline faster, and sales reps close more deals with AI-driven smart selling signals.

The current pipeline review method relies on CRM reports and spreadsheets. Generally, CRM data is exported into a spreadsheet and managers and reps go “top-down,” looking at deals with the highest amount in commit and best case. With this non data-driven method, deals that need attention at the beginning of the sales cycle can be overlooked. New pipe generation is also neglected. This leads to deal slippage and revenue leakage. The Aviso Pipeline Change Analytics module gives a data-driven view of all movement in the pipeline for the week.
Sales and sales operations leaders can easily see exactly which deals need attention with smart filtering that shows positive movement, negative movement, and deals that are stagnant. They also see a list of supporting deals that make up each bucket. With this data-driven view of movement within the pipeline, less deals slip through the cracks and win rates are improved.

Our customers love our tool as it provides them with automated and accurate forecasting rollups which eliminate the use of error-prone spreadsheets

Recently, Aviso partnered with MongoDB to help them address their sales forecasting challenges. The company was gearing up for an IPO, had grown very fast and could no longer manage their complex global sales forecasting process by CRM data and spreadsheets alone. They selected Aviso to provide them with a predictable, accurate view of their forecast on day one of the quarter and in a short period they have come to rely on Aviso. Delivering accurate guidance is an even greater imperative for MongoDB now that they are a publicly traded company.

Aviso has emerged as a front-runner in the complex AI-driven sales forecasting and pipeline management space. Leading technology companies have embraced the use of AI and have made Aviso an important part of their sales process. With an impressive list of customers Aviso is looking forward to continuing to solve complex sales forecasting and pipeline challenges and in the process shape its future roadmap. “We will continue to innovate, fortify our platform and make significant investments across the company as we scale and evolve to address our customers critical forecasting and pipeline needs,” concludes Victory.

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Tom Victory, VP of Marketing

AI-Driven Forecasting and Pipeline Management