Avlino: Data Analytics solutions Optimized for Medium Sized Enterprises

Ramana Jampala, President & CEO
The velocity at which data is growing today is significantly higher when compared to the recent past. However, getting the best performance out of systems for a given magnitude of data is a major challenge that many organizations are grappling with. “The architecture has to be flexible and scalable in a manner that would allow data to grow,” says Ramana Jampala, President and CEO, Avlino. Holmdel, NJ based Avlino was set up with a mission to direct the organizations in a right way to handle their Big Data. In this line, the company assists the customers to make their systems more efficient without changing the level of infrastructure. “To secure the existing level of infrastructure, we optimize the resources such as CPU, storage, network, and bandwidth for a given amount of data,” he adds.

Avlino offers a cost-effective plug and play solution— Acelero—that can be attached to Apache, Cloudera, or MapR distributions. It significantly reduces cloud usage cost without compromising performance of the system and software modification. “If Acelero is attached to the cloud, customers can witness the systems performance 200 percent better,” affirms Jampala. Acelero contains a set of high efficiency data sorting and caching algorithms. The new and improved sorting technique is one of the key components that Avlino has innovated. The company gains algorithm efficiency by learning and assorting algorithms continually.

Alvino also provides mid-sized organizations with a single and uncomplicated Analytics-as-a-Service platform—Alenza—to analyze large amounts of data. Alenza follows all the functions of the data cycle management such as aggregating, pre-processing, modeling, and visualization of the data. “All these processes work as back-end function so that the customers do not have to face the complexities of Big Data technologies, and yet get the benefit of analytics,” says Jampala. Alenza helps the mid-sized firms to understand how well their products or brands are received in social media based on Facebook likes, number of tweets, and the number of times the customer’s organization is mentioned in an online media through digital foot print analysis. After understanding the customers’ digital presence, Alenza measures the effectiveness of the product or service through sentiment analysis.
This analysis helps customers to know their impact in the market whether it is positive, negative, or neutral. Subsequently, Alenza provides reports to the customers that are directly consumable by the management team to see brand effectiveness. “Alenza has simplified the ability for medium sized enterprises to use complex analytics tools without the need for Data Scientists and Programmers” says Jampala.

Alenza has simplified the ability for medium sized enterprises to use complex analytics tools without the need of Data Scientists and Programmers

Avlino has assisted a myriad of organizations to have an online platform to sell and market their products. To highlight one of their classic cases, a mid-sized food processing and distributing firm that had a traditional offline method for marketing, wanted an online platform to sell and market their products. The customers approached Avlino in search of a viable solution that could help them make their presence online to know the effectiveness of their products in the market. Avlino’s Alenza platform allowed the customer to better understand the consumer profiles, key shortcomings of the competing products, and then initiated a hyper-targeted marketing campaign to those consumers. “We encourage our customers to promote their products through online media,” says Jampala. We worked with their sales and marketing team to launch their product online, and capture significant online market share.” Having built a strong foothold in the Big Data landscape, Avlino now aims to target additional verticals including Food and Beverages, Media & Entertainment, Pharma etc. The company plans to expand its operations across U.S. and Europe in the coming years.


Holmdel, NJ

Ramana Jampala, President & CEO

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