Avni Networks: Accelerate the Deployment of Applications on any Cloud

Rohini Kasturi, Founder & CEO
In the digital era, new commerce increasingly necessitates fast, scalable, and economic models. In today’s typical fast-paced scenario, companies launch their products along with their apps in tune with the changing ways services are consumed. Moving the apps to the cloud addresses the needs of enterprises to deliver quick and cost-effective services. Headquartered in Milpitas, CA, Avni Networks eases the challenges in establishing a scalable and economic cloud strategy. “The biggest goal for enterprises is to transform their businesses to operate in the digital economy,” remarks Rohini Kasturi, Founder and CEO, Avni Networks.

Avni’s Software Defined Cloud (SDC) platform virtualizes the cloud underneath, enabling customers to deploy their existing applications on their choice of clouds—private, hybrid or public in minutes instead of weeks or months. This self-service model, coupled with analytics-driven automation, permits customers to react faster and implement new business applications across the choice of clouds.

For instance, a company in the healthcare domain planned to launch their apps alongside their smart watch product to capitalize on the huge market potential. By choosing Avni’s SDC platform, the company had to only bring their apps, build a blueprint, and click to validate application. The SDC platform enables rapid app deployment within a single cloud or across clouds in minutes. To counter the spike in traffic, Avni’s 3D intelligence enabled the addition of apps and network services dynamically to effortlessly accommodate the scores of new users.

Avni blends the necessary technologies to deploy existing apps in minutes, seamlessly adding SDN services to make the apps self-adapt as they scale on-demand across clouds, all driven by simple policy. SDC’s innovative cloud application infrastructure software bridges the gap between apps and cloud, facilitating simplified deployment, production, and run-time optimization. “Our end-to-end solution combines network services, applications and cloud together with policy-driven analytics and data,” states Kasturi.
Through feature-rich SDN services such as application load balancing, security, and acceleration, the services can be deployed in any cloud with a simple policy. The Avni technology enables IT to accelerate the deployment of applications and network services on any cloud, eliminating vendor lock in.

Our end-to-end solution combines network services, applications, and cloud together with policydriven analytics and data

The firm’s illustrious clientele include Barnes & Noble, Hughes Network Systems, Saba, and SterlingBackCheck. According to Kasturi, media, retail, and e-commerce customers that change data and content frequently prefer hybrid clouds, whereas finance and healthcare customers are interested in deploying private clouds. For instance, for a national background check company in the financial services industry, it took them up to 8 weeks previously to roll out an application. The process also involves the necessary integration with network services such as load-balancing and security. To accelerate and automate this process, Avni created an application blue-print that can be launched, tested, and deployed across the enterprise in a few minutes. The client could create their applications in a private cloud with auto-scaling, elasticity, and self-adapting capabilities, while managing applications, network services, and the cloud from a single controller. “By utilizing Avni’s SDC, the client could move applications to a new cloud in ten minutes, a process which would have otherwise taken two weeks,” states Kasturi.

Avni is en route creating the momentum toward customers adopting the new model that does not require existing applications to be retooled to move them to clouds of their choice. “We are changing the paradigm and the shift to the cloud at cloud speed, cloud scale, and cloud economics,” affirms Kasturi.

Avni Networks

Milpitas, CA

Rohini Kasturi, Founder & CEO

Transforming Data Centers to Virtual Clouds, for the Applications economy