AVST: Bringing Value to Existing and Evolving Communications Infrastructure

Hardy Myers, President & CEO
The constantly changing technological landscape, combined with a multi-generational mobile workforce distributed around the world, is today’s business reality. This brings challenges to effective communication within organizations, but Hardy Myers, President & CEO of AVST (Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc.), believes technology offers the way forward. For more than 30 years, AVST has been at the forefront of building of software-based Unified Communications (UC) solutions that help businesses evolve and operate more efficiently. Over the years, AVST has partnered with leading technology leaders, such as Microsoft and many others, to deliver an interoperable UC platform for enterprises that increases productivity while also reducing costs and simplifying IT infrastructure.

Myers lauds the Microsoft partnership for helping achieve AVST’s goal of enabling companies to unlock the full potential of their communications landscape. For example, integrating the power of Microsoft’s Lync—now Skype for Business—with AVST’s CX-E platform, has addressed key communication challenges faced by enterprises. “CX-E elevates Lync/Skype for Business by delivering essential UC applications, including vital voice features and centralization in a multi-vendor environment,” explains Myers. “It also provides the ability to meet confidentiality and compliance regulations for regulated industries such as healthcare and the financial sector; automated attendant for multiple departments, locations and time zones; intelligent call completion and a virtual personal assistant for the mobile workforce.”

CX-E also makes the transition to the hybrid cloud easier. “Many of our customers are migrating from an on premises Exchange Server email environment to Office 365 in the cloud,” adds Myers. “Seattle Pacific University is just one of many examples. The CX-E platform helped increase campus faculty and staff productivity by delivering a seamless unified messaging experience, whether users are at the desk or mobile, and regardless of whether they are on a premise- or cloud-based email system.
The CX-E platform provides this flexibility while protecting ROI, which is a unique feature in the market. “Most vendors require their customers to replace systems before adding productivity applications, but with CX-E a customer’s multi-vendor IT infrastructure works in harmony—today and in the future,” Myers explains.

Our CX-E platform elevates Lync/Skype for Business by delivering essential unified communications applications, including vital voice features, and centralization in a multi-vendor environment

A new solution developed by AVST is TeamQ, an informal call center solution to address an underserved market. With its Microsoft integration, TeamQ offers a wide breadth of call center features, without the cost or complexity of a full contact center. “It’s the ideal solution for small collaborative teams and next-generation knowledge workers such as sales, service or technical support personnel - who don’t operate like a formal contact center, but still handle multiple incoming service requests,” Myers says.

Currently, AVST is working on innovative technology enhancements that will provide even greater flexibility for UC solutions delivered to enterprise customers. This will add to the 20 million users around the world who rely on AVST, including users located in the most prestigious educational and healthcare facilities, along with users in the government, financial and hospitality sectors. “CX-E is a great private cloud solution today and it supports the hybrid model. However, we are seeing increasing demand from our partners to deliver it as a hosted/managed-service solution. We intend to meet that demand,” concludes Myers.


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Hardy Myers, President & CEO

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