Avtex: Optimizing Interactions for a Consistent Omni- Channel Experience

CIO VendorGeorge Demou, President & CEO
For years, companies have relied heavily on contact centers to serve as the voice of the organization. However, as today’s customer interacts through any number of channels, including websites, E-mail, chat, and social networking sites, it has become vital for enterprises to provide a consistent Customer Experience (CX) by optimizing these methods of communication.

Offering solutions aimed at uniting omni-channel communications is Bloomington, MN based Avtex. George Demou, President & CEO of Avtex believes that CX drives everything from marketing to sales to accounting —across the entire business. Demou stresses the importance of investing in CX improvements and maintenance.

“Modern consumers use more than a single channel of communication at a time to connect with a brand. This presents challenges in how organizations manage interactions. Companies must be reactive in the moment, and have the ability to conduct real-time interactions with the customer,” he said. “As consumers have become accustomed to instant answers and swift resolutions, it is imperative that businesses provide the most streamlined and effective customer experience possible through multiple channels of communication.”

Unfortunately, with so many different aspects of customer interactions to consider, creating a solution that addresses each aspect of a company’s customer experience efforts can be difficult. It takes a bit of patience and a good deal of knowledge and passion to create an effective solution plan.

Avtex takes a holistic approach to designing such solutions for customers. Known as Avtex 360, the approach involves conducting a thorough
examination of the customer’s unique needs and their goals before creating a tailored solution plan. The Avtex 360 process is all-encompassing, and includes solutions for omni-channel communications, unified communications, portals and collaboration, contact centers, cloud services, mobile interactions, system integration, user experience, infrastructure and more. Backed by strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Interactive Intelligence, and Sitecore, Avtex is a premium provider of technology solutions. “No two businesses are exactly the same,” Demou says. “To be truly effective, an omni-channel communications solution must be tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization. Avtex 360 does just that.”

The company provides customer experience management solutions to a number of clients across the globe. A major media and internet communications provider in the U.S. faced problems when it experienced large scale growth through mergers and acquisitions. The merger created a business challenge by forcing the organization to deal with disparate databases. Call center agents were required to toggle between databases depending on where the customer was located. This limited the effectiveness of customer interactions, and negatively impacted the customer’s overall experience with the company.

In order to solve this challenge, Avtex provided a unifying web interface making it easy for call center agents to deal with only one screen. Avtex collected the necessary data from multiple databases and combined it into a single web service interface for the company’s customer service representatives. The solution helped to shorten issue response time and provide faster and more effective support to customers.
We are passionate about customer experience and helping our clients deliver exceptional experiences to their customers through the use of technology,” Demou said. “Our goal for the future is to continue to develop solutions that meet our customers’ needs, and to grow as an organization so that we are better positioned to provide support to our clients.


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George Demou, President & CEO and Bob Azman, CXO

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