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Rom Linhares, Chief Solution Architect & Managing Partner Data undoubtedly drives the present-day digital economy as a force that allows organizations to revamp their existing business models. In light of such capabilities offered by data, tech-savvy companies are tapping into the benefits of enterprise information management (EIM) solutions to steer ahead of their competitors. Today, EIM is gaining traction among enterprises as it makes data accessible, meaningful, accurate, and secure. In a nutshell, EIM arms enterprises with the ability to harness value from information and significantly improve the way it is managed and leveraged across an enterprise. However, amid these developments, many businesses have been struggling to move the needle in the right direction as the deployment of nascent EIM solutions requires a highly sophisticated infrastructure, frameworks, and cutting-edge workflow environments. And, as companies embark on their EIM journey, linking data with business processes and other facets of enterprise architecture becomes a tedious task.

This is where Colorado-based Avydium makes its mark by assisting organizations in extending the traditional methods of processing data to the new paradigm. The firm brings forth robust methodologies, frameworks, processes, and tools to ensure enterprises seamlessly transition to new environments. Powered by in-depth expertise in implementing cutting-edge technologies across various industry segments, Avydium enables businesses to develop an infrastructure that can promptly respond to foundational changes in an affordable, scalable, and cost-efficient manner. With its suite of market-proven solutions, Avydium equips firms to develop unique, proprietary, and hard-to-reproduce technological and scientific advancements to continually thrive in the digital landscape. However, before deploying its solutions, Avydium examines the existing business structure of clients to comprehend their needs and ensure optimal growth by implementing market-proven methodologies and strategic frameworks. Avydium also creates multiyear roadmaps for each of its customers to address their key pain points while developing state-of-the-art information management strategies. “We have been working on extremely low latency data acquisition of billions of rows in seconds,” says Alan Webb, Senior Partner, Chief Commercial Officer and Manufacturing and Industrial IoT Lead at Avydium.

"Avydium brings in-depth technical, industry, and business expertise along with the capability to implement analytics processes with Avydium Compass"

To continually foster growth and develop an engaging culture, Avydium takes a multidimensional approach to comprehend the metadata and infrastructure requirements of businesses. Along the same lines, senior partner and chief data scientist at Avydium, Chris Carney states that while adopting digital solutions, organizations are often in a quandary when it comes to understanding the new infrastructure needs. To create a comprehensive picture of the problems that enterprises face while adopting cutting-edge solutions, Carney cites a case where one of Avydium’s customers had data duplication issues in all of their six data lakes. The problem increased as each division of the company had a separate data lake with one of those having data lakes from different vendors. To help the firm overcome the data duplication issues, Avydium deployed a governance framework that enabled them to understand the actionable data patterns and subsequently improve decision-making.

CoE for Innovation

Avydium has also created a technology office to reinvigorate the EIM space and continually foster growth. This Centre of Excellence (CoE) stays abreast of the new technologies being introduced in the market and accordingly leverages those to offer robust developments.

Avydium enables businesses to develop an infrastructure that can promptly respond to foundational changes in an affordable, scalable, and cost-efficient manner

Under Carney’s guidance, Avydium’s CoE has enabled a vast client base to address all types of issues along with managing and exploiting data and content within the business. Carney further explains how Avydium enabled one of the clients to comprehend insightful data patterns with the support extended by the CoE. Prior to associating with Avydium, the client moved to the cloud as a part of their digital strategy and later deployed thousands of BI dashboards. However, the client faced problems in organizing and accessing the key data insights from this large number of dashboards and approached Avydium for help. Avydium assisted the company to build the right approach to analyzing insights and align their business strategies and IT to navigate the data patterns.

Avydium Compass

To address the complex architecture needs of its clients, Avydium brings forth cutting-edge strategies and advisory practices. One of the company’s key offerings is its proprietary methodology—Avydium Compass—that allows the Avydium team to examine the existing technologies employed by clients and determine the best data architecture solution. “With Avydium Compass’ technology agnostic approach, our strategy and technical personnel evaluate current technology stack of a firm and work with their leadership team to form the best data architecture solution,” elaborates Carney. This methodology also plays an integral role in bolstering employees’ ability to leverage multiple tools and leverage optimal strategies for scaling. “Avydium brings in-depth technical, industry, and business expertise along with the capability to implement analytics processes with Avydium Compass,” further adds the industry veteran.

Data Remains the Key to Industry 4.0

As technology has continually matured over the years, it has become imperative for manufacturing firms to increase investments in the latest technologies for improving efficiency in workflows and fostering growth. However, while deploying digital solutions, there also exists a high risk of failure with only a few achieving optimal revenues from their investments. Thus, in a bid to help manufacturers get substantial returns from advanced smart factory solutions, Avydium has partnered with some of the leading manufacturers across the globe. The company offers these manufacturers a repertoire of solutions including adapters, hardware modules, and solution accelerators for connecting CNC, PLC, sensors, and gateways.

Avydium enables its clients to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and ensure optimal quality of products along with bolstering the production volume. Further, joining hands with Avydium also presents manufacturers with unlimited opportunities to thrive with Industry 4.0 implementation. “We are committed to making data an asset for companies, which can act as an impetus of growth for them,” adds Rom Linhares, chief solution architect and managing partner at Avydium. By obtaining rich insights from data, organizations can minimize downtime and improve product quality along with nurturing a collaborative environment that accelerates growth.

Data Governance

As the significance of data continues to grow exponentially, managing it in an optimum manner has become one of the imperatives for modern companies.

Chris Carney, Senior Partner & Chief Data Scientist and Alan Webb, Senior Partner, Chief Commercial Office and Manufacturing and Industrial IoT Lead
And as the need for data governance is ubiquitous across enterprises, present-day businesses look for cutting-edge data governance initiatives for improving data-driven decisions. Avydium brings state-of-the-art data governance programs for its clients and enables them to improve data efficiency and establish enterprise-level data ownership and stewardship to drive better analytics results. These initiatives also support enterprise-level data privacy and data protection programs to strengthen security and allow access to information. “Our approach, frameworks, and processes provide all the necessary strategic insights and tactical best practices required to develop a non-intrusive Data Governance Program that works,” asserts Linhares.

Avydium also has a Data Governance Center of Excellence (DGCOE) that equips companies with comprehensive visibility into data assets to gain insights. Further, the firm’s data governance maintenance and support team also deals with the monitoring and tracking of all data governance-related issues.

Building on a proven foundation with an eye towards the future

Since its genesis, Avydium has deemed its clients as partners with the vision to build long-term relationships with them. As technology is changing at an incredible pace, the firm also keeps abreast of the leading-edge developments to fuel the EIM sector and ensure that its clients stay at the forefront of innovation. On the geographical front, Avydium has plans to expand to Ukraine and address the EIM needs of clients in this new territory. Avydium, the firm aims to continually aid its clients in harnessing the potential of data and emerge as a market leader that drives innovation across industries.

With its constant focus on software, Avydium will continue to build upon its existing assets by extending the Avydium Manufacturing Framework, an integrated manufacturing solution with automated data acquisition for over 60 ERP and CRM systems that provides end-to-end analytics capabilities; the Avydium WireFrame™, a public blockchain foundation that implements a utility coin contribution and payment system which extends connectivity from most ERP and CRM systems to most other blockchain ledgers; the Avydium Process Mining and Analytics Framework, allowing real-time business process analytics and optimization; and the Avydium Connected Factory, providing complete management of the new generation of IoT devices, which are more powerful and reduce data center loads and complement and, in some cases leapfrog, cloud capabilities to drive exciting new IoT applications.

With all that in mind Avydium is increasing its technology partnerships and alliances and augmenting its existing development capabilities by expanding its existing presence in the United States, Brazil, India and South Africa and implementing a new state of the art AI development center in the Ukraine.


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Rom Linhares, Chief Solution Architect & Managing Partner and Chris Carney, Senior Partner & Chief Data Scientist and Alan Webb, Senior Partner, Chief Commercial Office and Manufacturing and Industrial IoT Lead

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