Awtana: A Seamless HubSpot CRM Integration Experience

César Hernández, Co-Founder and Tech Leader of Awtana.
Understanding one’s customer behavior is the key to driving sales and productivity. Many companies have cracked the code and turned it into science through technological innovations. A leader among them is Awtana, offering the most comprehensive, personalized customer relationship management (CRM) integration services to help businesses optimize their digital channels and automate operational processes. In doing so, Awtana empowers enterprises to observe better and study the changes in their customers’ behavior and consequently implement the latest marketing strategies to drive sales.

The company has created a team led by César Hernández that is an expert at managing very high levels of CRM data and has over a decade’s worth of experience tackling the various challenges of customer engagement and data management. Moreover, Awtana went the extra mile to provide its clients with nothing but the best and has secured a partnership with HubSpot, enabling Awtana to proffer next-gen assistance in CRM systems and customer data integrations.

“Awtana’s value proposition lies in its technical expertise, HubSpot integration capabilities with other systems, and helping its customers organize and optimize their data and operational processes,” expresses César Hernández, Co-Founder and Tech leader of Awtana.

While catering to the South American market, Awtana recognized that businesses lacked an effective sales strategy and data unification system. Consequently, as HubSpot partners, Awtana carved out a niche for itself and developed HubSpot CRM integration solutions. The company additionally improves the functionalities of a client’s CRM system by bringing in the power of automation. Several business processes are simplified and streamlined, whereas Awtana helps consolidate the numerous data sets and formats and store relevant information in a single CRM system.

Awtana mainly focuses on helping companies implement solutions at an enterprise level such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce, and Configure Price Quotes (CPQ) software. The company enables its clients to streamline and channel data collected from multiple systems into their CRM solution, creating one single source of truth.
This empowers departments within an enterprise to improve internal collaboration as the marketing team is granted complete access to a well-structured database. With the insights gathered from the information, such as sales strategies and consumer behaviors, organizations can improve their lead generation processes and efficiently secure the bottom line.

The following instance of how a financial institution manages its car loan evaluation journey in South America showcases the CRM challenges it faces when interacting with a customer. Purchasing a car becomes a time-consuming affair for many due to the lengthy loan processes. Awtana provided an extension for the client’s CRM system to reduce friction in sales processes and improve customer engagement. The car dealership’s sales associates now enjoy easy and safe access to organized and optimized CRM data in collaboration with the finance company. They could pull up the necessary financial information within seconds and provide potential customers with the relevant details required to effectuate speedy car loan approvals.

As a HubSpot partner in LATAM, we created a niche integrating HubSpot with other systems, thereby facilitating customers to organize, centralize and segment their data

Awtana has been delivering robust CRM integration solutions for the past three years, but with a team of consultants that have more than 15 years of experience and its progress in the field can be credited to the fact that it always goes the extra mile to solve the industry’s CRM predicaments. Awtana, with its customer-centric approach, aims to develop more AI-based solutions, spearheading automation and reducing mundane tasks for its customers. Furthermore, César and his team are also eager to provide their CRM technology expertise for upcoming cryptocurrency projects, developing platforms to improve and streamline the day-to-day activities of various users. Awtana, with its passion as a technology company, intends to continually advance CRM capabilities, strengthening each client’s ability to find their rhythm and capture the attention of their customers in a frictionless, affordable manner.


Chile, South America

César Hernández, Co-Founder and Tech Leader of Awtana.

Awtana partners with HubSpot to optimize business processes with innovative solutions (digital transformation)