AX for Pharma: Advancing Pharma Sector with Integrated ERP Solutions

Andrea Ruosi, CEO
Over the years, the pharmaceutical industry has shifted its base from legacy systems to embrace ERP solutions. However, most of the pharmaceutical manufacturers work with separate best-of-breed legacy systems from different suppliers. This non-integrated approach of the ERP systems turns out to be a nightmare from a regulatory compliance perspective, negatively affecting the productivity and quality, and proving costly in terms of risk and resource management, ultimately making it difficult and risky to validate these disparate solutions. In addition, while working with a non-integrated solution, manufacturers have to mitigate the high risk of human error and incorrect information with paper-based procedures and signatures. Keeping all these factors in mind, AX for Pharma provides a fully-integrated ERP solution that offers functionalities needed for the specialized Pharmaceutical manufacturing business, without the requirement of any additional software that increase complexity, costs and risks.

The solution based on the easy to use, agile and powerful ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, makes it easy to achieve compliance with computer system validation and FDA regulations and guidelines like GMP. It also provides a complete solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers that reduces risks and minimizes the global cost of regulatory compliance. “AX for Pharma is an Independent Software Vendor that only works with Microsoft solutions and products that will continuously grow in the future” says Andrea Ruosi, CEO, AX for Pharma.

The company offers seamlessly integrated modules and features supporting the business processes, which includes quality control, manufacturing execution and dispensing, SOP and CAPA management, plant maintenance, activitybased product costing, regulatory compliance including 21 CFR Part 11 and advanced record-level security among other distinctive features and modules. AX for Pharma can be implemented as a full solution, or as step-by-step modules, according to the client’s needs.
The company also has two spin-off solutions directed to the Chemical and Life Sciences industry—AX for Chemical and AX for Life Sciences. AX for Pharma delivers consulting services through a worldwide network of certified partners that leverage technical knowledge and deep understanding of the competitive landscape in pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. “This firm foundation enables us to help our clients to successfully find the right business processes and ensure that the same are supported by the right solutions and the right global and local partners,” says Ruosi.

AX for Pharma and its partners offer services in the area of Enterprise Architecture, Solution Assessment, ERP Implementation, project management, and computer system validation. As an example, an international chemicals company was aiming to achieve consistency by increasing its sales flexibility, logistics, and distribution, and to standardize global manufacturing operations by replacing its current varied ERP solution and associated customized applications, with an integrated and scalable solution. After implementing the integrated AX for Chemical/AX for Pharma solution, which covers the manufacturing, laboratory management, supply chain and regulatory processes, this customer was able to streamline its operational workflows, reduce lead times, optimize planning across different legal entities and countries, and provide management with real-time access to reliable and globally consistent information and business processes. This integrated system offered an opportunity to enter new markets with the confidence that the solution would support the newly acquired businesses and regulations.

Moving forward, AX for Pharma continues to improve its availability on the latest Microsoft technology, Dynamics AX 2012 R3, to offer better reporting, statistics and quality management, while also extending functionality to cover handheld devices and advanced projects to manage stability, formulations and analytical development. As AX 2012 R3 is now available in the cloud, AX for Pharma 2012 R3, which is fully based on Microsoft technology, is also available in the cloud.

AX for Pharma

Wilmington, NC

Andrea Ruosi, CEO

AX for Pharma provides a fully integrated ERP solution that offer all functionality needed for the specialized Pharmaceutical manufacturing business, based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012