Axilera, Inc.:Engineering Quality Products for Standardized Networking

CIO VendorAmir Fuhrmann, CTO & Founder
The potential profitability of a business is directly tied to its ability to differentiate while operating under the rules of standardization. “Much of networking is driven by standards that are critical to allow interoperability across and between organizations,” states Amir Fuhrmann, CTO and Founder, Axilera, a system integration company that addresses the challenge of building innovative, differentiated products that solve customers’ needs while complying with industry standards. Axilera specializes in networking for Cloud, Data Center, IoT, M2M, and general device connectivity.

Technology is moving faster than ever, and new products are being introduced at an ever increasing pace. Many of these new products implement “mash ups” of existing technologies combined with small, but insightful bits of new intellectual property. “Every one of these different globally adopted technologies such as embedded systems, web applications, and mobile front end development are complicated and need a lot of in-depth knowledge. Organizations must look for new opportunities that can quickly be exploited through an integration paradigm,” explains Amir.

Axilera’s solutions leverage the company’s broad experience in a range of wired and wireless connectivity technologies. The firm engineers solutions in the fields of system integration, test and validation, software and hardware design, and maintenance and support for the Internet of Things. “We are immersed in the IoT space. As this market is young, there is a great deal of fragmentation and lack of standards,” Amir says. Axilera devises and develops innovative and customized solutions to meet the unique product development challenges of its clients in this ecosystem. It assists its clients in navigating through various solutions that will en¬able them to bring products to market quickly, while providing them with flexibility as the market evolves. During system integration services for the development of networking and Internet connected products, the company works closely with the product development team to provide constant testing. Axilera also provides second and third tier
support and software maintenance capabilities in its areas of expertise. Axilera’s compelling product demonstrations explicitly convey its expertise and efficiency over the giants it competes with. The firm embraces a breadth of expertise—including hardware design, firmware development, and program management—required to bring leading edge products to market. Portraying Axilera’s depth of excellence, Amir recalls a project where the company was required to reverse engineer the internal protocol in order to connect a large kitchen appliance to the Internet and allow the user to monitor and control its functions. “It required design and production of specialized hardware to accommodate the appliance protocol. We not only learned the internal specs of the appliance but also built a connectivity module that communicates with the Internet over a local WiFi network. We had a working prototype in a period of 12 weeks,” continues Amir.

Axilera embraces a breadth of expertise required to bring leading edge products to market in the shortest possible timeframe

For the future, Amir foresees Axilera utilizing opportunities emanating from the field of interconnected applications. “We believe that as more products become Internet-connected, there will be an explosion of new applications that exploit how these products interact with each other; thus adding a whole new dimension to the technology ‘mash up’. ”

“At Axilera, we find gaps in technology and fill them with either partners or unique intellectual property. This combination creates tremendous opportunities for companies like Axilera, that have the right skill sets and relationships with partners like Broadcom, Marvell, Arrayent and EVRYTHNG,” Amir continues. “Axilera is building the best ecosystem of partners to have the winning edge. And, our large development center in Eastern Europe helps us to keep the costs competitive,” he concludes.


Santa Clara, CA

Amir Fuhrmann, CTO & Founder

A system integration company, specializing in networking for Cloud, Data Center, IoT, M2M, and general device connectivity.