Axiom EPM: Offering Performance Management Solutions to Enterprises Worldwide

Peri Pierone, President
Headquartered in Portland, OR, Axiom EPM provides effective performance management solutions to enterprises worldwide.

Axiom EPM President, Peri Pierone, understands the complexity most organizations face in executing on their strategy and aligning it with corporate goals. “There is a significant challenge for organizations to distill meaningful information from a variety of data sources into a comprehensive picture that truly describes what’s going on in the organization,” he says. Axiom helps clients combine the relevant information needed to plan and manage the business from both a strategic and tactical perspective. “We arm our customers with the tools they need to both monitor the present while planning for the future,” Pierone adds.

Since the inception of the company, we have not had a failed implementation

The company’s core solution is a unified platform for longrange planning, budgeting, financial & management reporting, scorecarding, and profitability measurement, which achieves the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) needs of the organization. Built in a .NET framework, using Microsoft backend database technology along with the Microsoft Office suite and Azure cloud infrastructure, the platform conforms to the business requirements of any organization and eliminates several point applications, such as budgeting or financial reporting. The result is a comprehensive approach to performance management. “Microsoft has done a tremendous job in creating a highly scalable and economical environment with which we have been able to develop solutions for our customers seeking a more holistic approach to EPM,” says Pierone.
While all of a business’ financial data lives in the platform, Axiom believes that businesses must also incorporate marketing, operational and customer data, in order to gain holistic, organization-wide insights that can then be disseminated in a meaningful way. Axiom’s planning and forecasting applications deliver on this promise, enabling organizations to conduct scenario planning and sensitivity analysis around their business. And their track record speaks for itself. “Since the inception of the company, we have not had a failed implementation. Moreover, we were rated number one in customer satisfaction in a recent customer survey conducted by BPM partners,” Pierone adds. To achieve this level of excellence, the company has a strong culture that is highly focused on customer satisfaction. Axiom employees are passionate about both the technology and their customers’ success in leveraging the technology to achieve their goals.

Axiom has helped clients worldwide, across industries including healthcare, banking, higher education, and retail to drive performance with superior planning and analytics. In the retail industry, Axiom assisted a large U.S. cosmetics company in managing their inventory levels through more precise demand planning tools. “We also have helped many regional banks better understand the profitability of their channels, products, customers etc.,” says Pierone. In healthcare the company has a full complement of solutions on its platform focusing on long range planning, capital planning, budgeting, costing, and decision support.

Central to the company’s strategy is offering specific solutions that are relevant to a particular industry. It’s how Axiom has been able to deliver value beyond the bits and bytes of the core technology. The company recently announced new solutions for higher education, and it is evaluating other industry-oriented solutions that will help customers achieve their goals. “We strive to be fluent in the language of our customers and to have a clear understanding of the challenges every industry we serve faces,” says Pierone.

Axiom EPM

Portland, OR

Peri Pierone, President

Offers performance management software to the enterprises worldwide