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Sanjay Rao N, Managing Partner,
In the last few years, predictive analytics, quantitative research, have mushroomed from merely donning a role of providing insights to becoming a necessity in most businesses to incur profits and informed decisions. New age digital technologies and architecture paradigms have paved the way for realistic analytics by quarrying myriads of structured and unstructured data for practical solutions. Consequently, the data sprawl is exploding and CIO’s are constantly challenged to unearth the right information. This can happen through robust data management roadmap, lifecycle combined with able and proven software technology. AxionConnect in tight integration with SAS specializes in predictive analytics and technology frameworks for corporate risk, and decision management. “We are equipped with the knowhow of engaging clients early in their data management life cycle—from addressing basic data quality to building highly complex analytical reports,” delineates Sanjay Rao N, Managing Partner, AxionConnect Infosolutions.

Today we have competency in the following functional aspects of SAS solutions: Data Quality and Master Data Management, Predictive Modeling and Data Exploration, Data Visualization and Dash boarding and Comprehensive Platform/Application Support and Managed Services.

AxionConnects’s mission since the foundation of the company has been to enhance data analytics in order to make it affordable to the companies that are taking early steps into data management solutions. “If the structured and unstructured data are correlated then they can become tools that can deliver business insights as well as act as early warning signals,” adds Tarun Soni. The firm looks at data not only from statistical resilience but also from a perspective of its relevance in the current business scenario and processes. “We understand the maturity of customers’ data then prescribe a step by step plan from very basic segmentation or profiling to advanced predictive models that can help business environments with accurate insights,” remarks Mr.Tarun Soni, who heads the Service Delivery at AxionConnect.

Additionally, AxionConnect in close partnership with SAS is able to leverage the ability to deliver technology-based services. “SAS is continuously innovating new technologies and finding novel ways to quickly make decisions out of data in the best possible way involving least amount of human time,” says Sanjay.

Our services span across both solutions and technology platform that SAS provides along with the domain understanding to accelerate the adoption under one roof

The innovations are spanning from new platforms and ways to manage data to the end state visualization. SAS is a pioneer in R&D for Data Management and these innovations enhance the role of managing and enhancing governance in mega smart city projects, reducing fraud rate in banking transactions, leveraging the power of big data in order to create data visualizations. In addition, another obstacle in data management seven governance lies in pooling data from multiple source systems in an enterprise. Gathering information for these systems, consolidating them and computing them for reporting manually is virtually impossible. SAS can help automate many routine data management jobs for operational, transactional, and financial reporting.
Tarun Soni, Director Service Delivery

Moreover, the CIOs are also facing enormous challenge in Data Explosion in order to derive value of their data assets. In this regard, AxionConnect assists organizations to harvest these assets in both structured and un-structured form to derive outcomes that are more meaningful.

Moving forward, AxionConnect is planning to expand their capabilities from standard data management to more unconventional data like unstructured, semi structured and data crawling technologies. “Unorganized data size will soon supersede conventional data and we are therefore gearing up to support the next wave in data analytics,” concludes Sanjay.

AxionConnect Infosolutions Pvt Limited

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Sanjay Rao N, Managing Partner, and Tarun Soni, Director Service Delivery

AxionConnect Infosolutions is a services company specializing in predictive analytics and technology frameworks for corporate risk, retail risk, and decision management

AxionConnect Infosolutions Pvt Limited