Axiros: Open Device Management Solutions

Kurt Peterhans, CEO and MD of Operations
The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to transform companies and countries, opening up new opportunities for economic growth and competitiveness. It ensures a future where the intersection of people, data and intelligent machines will impact the productivity, efficiency and operations of industries around the world. These industries range from agriculture, municipal management, smart homes to energy generation and manufacturing. Embracing the connected industry model comes with some potential obstacles like automation of delivery, application and security lifecycle management, communication network agony, supply chain integration, and data privacy and domain isolation. Munich-based software company Axiros’ IoT service delivery platform, AXPERIENCE®– provides application developers and service providers a way to address the challenges by creating new business models to improve the business process, and to reduce costs and risks. “With 14 years developing remote management solutions and serving 200+ customers worldwide, we are experienced at delivering complex triple-play services across heterogeneous networks on a very large scale. This expertise is now consolidated in the AXPERIENCE software platform with automation, monitoring, and diagnostics tools which enable manufacturers to 'IoT-ize' their devices,” says Kurt Peterhans, CEO and MD of Operations for Axiros.

AXPERIENCE® offers a set of APIs, which enables newly connected devices in an IoT application to be discovered, allowing administrators to set automatic rules for authorization of new devices and ban rogue devices, thus offering an extra layer of security. The platform integrates all consumer devices under the same operator management umbrella and is very scalable.

Axiros enables organizations to deliver their applications without having to worry about the ways to automate the delivery of the devices in the field. The clients have the ability to support multiple communication technologies and application frameworks from within a single platform.
To do so Axiros has clearly separated the management functions from the application functions, embedded the management functions in a highly portable framework, and allowed the developers to deliver their control logic in the way they prefer. “Our platform can be accessed by any device-any network-anytime, providing clients with flexibility,” adds Peterhans.

Any device, any network, any service- Anything at Anytime!

One of the company’s clients, ( Lyse offers a good example on how a corporation can benefit from Axiros products. The business issue that Lyse was facing was driven by a regulatory compliance– establishing EU smart metering–with the combination of a difficult territory to cover– Norway. Lyse decided to turn this into a business opportunity–by turning the smart metering infrastructure into an extendable platform to offer smart home and smart city services. After exploring a few different possibilities in the market, Lyse decided to work with Axiros on improving their existing capabilities, helping create a roadmap of new extended services offering communication network independence, service abstraction, and scalability and API management. “These four key capabilities, combined together, offer the ability to design and deliver today a set of products for the consumer market, while retaining the freedom to extend it with new products without disrupting existing services,” explains Peterhans.

Over the last four years Axiros has expanded its operational presence – adding 6 new regional sales and service centers worldwide. The key drivers for expansion is cross-pollinating across other industry segments–not traditional Axiros’ customers–which are starting to see the advantage of adopting Axiros’ technology. “We have come a long way from start up to responsibly running the Carrier Wi-Fi service in Germany for the World Football Championship of 2006, to now becoming the ‘Nerve center of Things’,” concludes Peterhans.


Munich, Germany

Kurt Peterhans, CEO and MD of Operations

Provides device and service management solutions across fixed and mobile networks for consumer, enterprise and M2M markets.