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Don Courville, CIO
The healthcare sector has countless untold stories of suffering, neglect, expensive and disorganized care. In an environment where clinical needs, payment and care delivery models are being subjected to digital transformation, healthcare payers and providers are setting their sights on Population Health Management (PHM) systems for better analysis of patient data to improve outcomes and health across the continuum of care. This critical requirement is the focus of AxisPoint Health—a population health management company that combines innovative technology with targeted care management services. The company leverages predictive analytics, an advanced care management platform, and consumer engagement technology to achieve Triple Aim of healthcare— reduce costs, improve outcomes and enhance member experience.“We develop innovative care management programs and highly-modular platforms based on modern web technologies that can easily interface with client systems, delivering the right package of capabilities and best results,” begins Don Courville, CIO, AxisPoint Health.

With a focus to drive member engagement and deliver benefits in productivity and outcomes, AxisPoint Health has conceived an innovative and analytically-driven condition and case management program—CarePoint. For risk-bearing organizations, the firm’s condition and case management program delivers quantified results to drive targeted engagement with the right interventions. This member and provider-centric solution assists in identifying and prioritizing the most impactable members with real-time clinical interfaces that bring together relevant data from multiple traditional and non-traditional data sources.

CarePoint leverages the firm’s predictive intelligence service, Analytix, to indentify members with the most clinical immediacy, cost impact, and opportunity to maximize results. Steering against the traditional condition-only approach of disease management programs, Analytix can identify over 90 chronic conditions and over 60 clinical care gaps for targeted interventions and focuses on the members and their conditions as a whole. “Our targeted, dynamic intervention stands in stark contrast to low impact, traditional disease management programs,” extols Courville. In addition, payers can have a 360 degree view of a member’s information and needs using AXIS—a scalable care management software combining utilization management, condition management, and case management activities into a single workflow.

AxisPoint Health’s portfolio of care management services also includes a clinically led and analytics-enabled nurse guidance, navigation, and member engagement service—GuidePoint—to improve care quality and reduce costs for payers.

Our targeted, dynamic intervention model reduces medical costs and increases member satisfaction, and stands in stark contrast to low impact, traditional disease management programs

“GuidePoint improves healthcare access and reduces costs for payers by connecting members to the right level of care when they need it–thereby avoiding unnecessary ED and/or clinic visits and treatments,”states Courville.

With convergent forces—rising consumerism and escalation of mobile technology—healthcare companies are transforming their business models for digitizing, ensuring member satisfaction and maintaining compliance with numerous regulations. In this scenario, AxisPoint Health addresses these challenges by bringing solid and substantial capabilities, apps and tools for effective communication.The company’s partnership with ViaWest and AppliedTrust leverages deep security expertise to rapidly develop and maintain a leading HIPAA-compliant technology environment to support their service delivery.

With over 30 years of industrial experience, the firm is simplifying care management and personalizing the care experience for various clients. AxisPoint Health has assisted organizations like The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to provide condition management programs helping high cost, high risk FFS Medicaid patients better manage their health. “This partnership has proven highly successful in generating significant financial savings for the State of Texas, while improving quality of care, engaging providers, delivering innovative solutions, and increasing member and provider satisfaction,” states Courville.

Making a move forward, the multi-disciplinary care teams at AxisPoint Health are on a journey of continuous innovation to improve their core product and service lines. “Our mission is to improve the health, coordinate the care, and lower the health care costs for our clients and their members,” concludes Courville.

AxisPoint Health

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Don Courville, CIO

Population Health Management company combining innovative technology with outstanding care management services

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