Axon Underwriting: Broadening the Scope of Insurance Solutions

Most insurance companies have left behind their obsolete operations, including paperwork, manual data entry, and mismanaged back-office operations. Although such processes have been streamlined tremendously, insurance firms are still sometimes overwhelmed when attempting to equip their providers and brokers with the right tools to assess specialized risks, policies, claims, underwriting, and more. In an industry that requires companies to be up to date and supremely accurate in all their offerings, entrepreneurs will need the help of seasoned experts to settle insurance claims and strengthen their existing product suite effortlessly. At such an impasse, Axon’s dedicated team of insurance veterans helps bolster the clients’ products and outsources underwriting and policy administration.

Axon Underwriting was founded in 2013 by underwriting and brokerage experts to help organizations raise the bar across business insurance performance. Using an efficient Managing General Agent (MGA) platform and innovative insurance services, Axon empowers its brokerage partners to expand and expedite their current offerings. The company’s vast and intricate know-how of industry-specific needs allows it to create specialized coverage programs and solutions to aid clients in their respective arenas. “Many insurance providers don’t have the hands-on expertise or the bandwidth to engage agents when dealing with unknown and possibly risky scenarios,” says Randy Hampton, EVP and Partner at Axon Underwriting. In order to assist these organizations, Axon retains and provides experts who unravel hidden pitfalls in policies using their underwriting and industrial expertise.

From foodborne illness and contamination insurance to pollution legal liability and cybersecurity insurance, Axon’s services are industry-agnostic. As a non-generalized MGA, the company works to improve the solutions of its clients within any vertical. “We help our partners broaden their services, not just with our software engineering but also with our responsiveness and swiftness of action,” says Hampton. Axon’s ability to always stay updated with trends and innovations in the industry allows the company to tailor the right insurance products for clients in any vertical.

We differentiate ourselves by broadening the scope of operation of existing products while keeping the delivery simple enough for the insurer to comprehend

And according to Hampton, the sector that has seen the most disruption in recent times is cyber/privacy insurance. With the pandemic forcing companies to adopt an under-practised work from home regimen, a sizeable portion of them are facing unprecedented losses due to extensive changes in their cyber insurance coverage. Axon’s privacy team, with over 30 years of combined cyber placement expertise, can help the company’s partners minimize loss by creating flexible coverage policies that adapt to the latest trends and needs of the market. Axon expands coverage against data breaches, security failures, extortion, reputational damage, and human errors, to name a few. It also has an in-house legal assistance team to support clients if needed.

In an industry that demands immediacy, Axon provides a competitive edge for its partners with its quick-to-implement and flexible solutions, ensuring the highest production efficiency levels for clients. “We differentiate ourselves by broadening the scope of operation of existing products while keeping them simple enough for the insurer to comprehend,” adds Hampton. The company was founded on the principles of innovation and impeccable customer satisfaction. And to that end, Axon has successfully secured a spot at the forefront of delivering coverage and underwriting for contractors of all sizes and types.

Axon Underwriting

Somerville, NJ

Randy Hampton, EVP and Partner

Axon Underwriting Services LLC was formed in 2013 by underwriting and brokerage experts in order to raise the bar in business insurance performance. Offering a highly efficient Program Administrator/MGA platform and insurance services, Axon provides its brokerage partners the ability to expand current offerings. The organization’s extensive understanding of industry-specific exposures enables it to create comprehensive coverage programs and solutions for targeted industries. Axon underwrites and distributes products backed by the financial strength of domestic A-rated Carriers and as a Coverholder for Lloyds of London