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Navtej Sekhon, President & COO
Pharmaceutical companies and Hospitals have embraced Information Technology and have incorporated software systems to help them run their organizations more efficiently. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and applications like Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and Electronic Health Record (EHR) are used to store and maintain data, and provide a tool for strategic analytics to improve internal process workflows, cost savings and improved customer or patient care. AxSource feels that the current software solutions collect data sufficiently but do not fully solve issues for the management and are generally not very intuitive to use for all aspects of their business. “CIOs of Pharma companies and healthcare professionals working in the today’s age need actionable information at their fingertips in a clean interface,” says Navtej Sekhon, President and COO of AxSource Global.

AxSource Global, a preferred Microsoft Dynamics partner, has been developing and implementing solutions which meet this need. The company’s solutions are designed to give professionals in the Life Sciences companies, pharmaceutical and healthcare the required information in a simple yet functional user interfaces. AxoMEDICAL is a Business Intelligence tool that uses data from EHR and EMR records to give healthcare professionals a different perspective which enables easy generation of real-time view of bed availability and the ability to use patient and hospital data in a helpful way. This simplifies the data logging process in the healthcare scenario, making it a paperless environment. AxoMEDICAL is also designed to give the user the freedom to create a dashboard on the fly and also functions as an electronic bed-planning system. The suite runs on SharePoint and .NET architecture which are both well-known offerings from Microsoft. Designed with the intention of giving CIOs and healthcare professionals, a clear picture and real-time data, AxoMEDICAL is an indispensable tool that acts as a guide to make important decisions.

AXOQCS, another solution developed by AxSource, is Quality and Compliance solution for Life Sciences companies that works as an add-on to the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP. AXOQCS helps these firms in filling the gaps in electronic signatures and records, FDA requirements, computer system validation and other features that are missing in some of the ERP (Electronic Resource Planning). Like AxoMEDICAL, AXOQCS is also well rooted in Microsoft technology.
Microsoft is currently developing tools to help the retail and public sector. Having trusted partners and strong delivery channels, AxSource Global has been able to leverage Microsoft’s tools in their innovative offerings. Industry verticals like pharmaceuticals, life sciences, medicine, and healthcare being AxSource’s forte have helped increase the reach Microsoft has in these verticals as well. Being the only company in North America that has both IT and pharmaceutical expertise has helped bridge the gap between these two fronts and draw in clients from the healthcare sector as well.

The AxSource training program, designed to improve the acumen of its new hires, familiarizes the employee with AxSource’s various offerings to produce a well-rounded AxSource software consultant. The employees are also given training in various Microsoft offerings too.

Our position in the market has attracted a considerable amount of competition but with our in-depth knowledge and team of well-trained professionals helps keep the competition at bay and our partners contented

Offerings like AxoMEDICAL and AxoQCS have helped place the company in a very desirable position in the market –near the top. “Our position in the market has attracted a considerable amount of competition but with our in-depth knowledge and team of well-trained professionals helps keep the competition at bay and our partners contented,” beams Sekhon. Having their life sciences solutions augmented by their in-house experts has also helped turn their solutions into the industry standard.

For the future, AxSource plans to expand globally and invest in establishing themselves in more continents. They plan to keep funding its innovation labs to improve its training modules and software offerings. “We know we are good at what we do and plan to channel our focus and efforts into offering better solutions for the sectors we work with,” concludes Sekhon.

AxSource Global

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Navtej Sekhon, President & COO

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