Axtria: Transforming Business Through Data, Insights, and Platforms

Jassi Chadha Co-Founder & CEO
As most companies will agree, there are three fundamental challenges when trying to drive the best results out of their sales and marketing investments. While big data technologies have matured, there is still a significant challenge in truly delivering insights that can optimize business performance. The next concern is customer data as it is the most difficult to aggregate, integrate, and manage. Finally, translating strategy into execution is usually manual and cumbersome.

“Our strategy is to help our customers aggregate their commercial data, deliver cutting-edge analytics from these data sources, and ensure strategies are executed optimally,” says Jassi Chadha, Co-founder and CEO of Axtria. The company is focused on two verticals, life sciences and financial services, and has been successfully converting this strategy into operating reality for their customers since their inception in 2010.

Axtria has developed a reputation for leveraging the latest cloud technologies to integrate customer data across the enterprise. Their pre-built data models and visualizations are highly tailored not only to the vertical but to specific therapeutic areas (in life sciences) or sub-segments (such as corporate banking), accelerating time to value. Axtria leverages these integrated data sources to deliver cutting-edge sales analytics, marketing analytics, customer level analytics, and influencer analytics through vertical specialization and deep domain expertise. Finally, Axtria has invested in two platforms built on (from Salesforce): Axtria SalesIQ™ and Axtria MarketingIQ™. These platforms help in converting insights into operational execution. While Axtria SalesIQ delivers optimal territory alignments, customer targeting, and incentive compensation for large and complex field sales forces, Axtria MarketingIQ enables customer-centric marketing and allows you to drive maximum revenue from your promotional investment. “We are proud to be the only vendor completely focused on the three aspects of commercial success: commercial data, commercial analytics, and commercial platforms,” explains Jassi.

Axtria has seen global success in life sciences, which is not surprising, as the founders and many of the senior executives have deep roots in that industry.

We are proud to be the only vendor completely focused on the three aspects of commercial success: commercial data, commercial analytics, and commercial platforms.

“We are able to allow our customers to consume innovation at an unparalleled pace,” says Navi Chadha, Co-founder and CTO at Axtria. “Whether it is new ways of aggregating and visualizing data, or new techniques in machine learning, or even new platforms–our deep investment in highly specialized data scientists and platform engineers are at the forefront of that trend.”

Axtria points to one of its larger customers, a global biopharma leader in rare diseases, who was challenged with slow and manual commercial operations processes across territories. In a very short amount of time, Axtria was able to deliver best-in-class business practices, fully integrated into their CRM, improving the allocation of resources and the sales productivity from their sales reps. Since then, Axtria has been helping this customer with multiple analytical insights and using these to further optimize field deployment. Other teams and regions have been able to quickly standardize on the insights and platforms, providing even more ROI for the executive stakeholders. Today, there are more than 30,000 reps successfully supported by the Axtria SalesIQ platform; with customers achieving significant business results, such as 40 percent cost reduction and less dependency on consultants, 90 percent efficiency gains, and 95 percent success rate in field adoption of call plans.

“We are laser focused on becoming the unrivaled leader in the commercial arena for life sciences and financial services,” says Chadha. “Our customers have already pulled us into related and overlapping lines of business, such as real-world evidence (in life sciences) and risk management (in financial services), and we will continue to listen to our customers and let them drive our growth.”


Berkeley Heights, NJ

Jassi Chadha Co-Founder & CEO and Navi Chadha Co-Founder & CTO

Axtria empowers leaders across the life sciences and financial services industries to make better data-driven decisions