Axxana: The “No-Compromise” Disaster Recovery Solution

Eli Efrat, Co-Founder & CEO
Recent events in Texas and Florida demonstrated the raw fury of nature and the toll it takes on IT infrastructure. The ability to operate separate, independent data centers at a long distance from one another helps ensure that something like a hurricane or a regional power outage does not completely disrupt operations; however, having widely dispersed DCs also presents its own set of problems. Eli Efrat, the co-founder and CEO of Axxana explains that sharing the exact same image and achieving zero data loss between a distant source and standby DCs has been impossible in traditional disaster recovery solutions…until now. Axxana has transcended the regular notions of disaster recovery through its revolutionary approach to performing data replication with Oracle’s Data Guard technology.

Axxana’s Phoenix combines the low cost and location advantages of asynchronous backup with the zero data loss benefits of synchronous backup to give businesses a best-of-both-worlds solution. The disaster-proof Phoenix synchronously stores and protects the most recent transactions that have not been delivered yet (i.e., the data lag) to the backup site, and then transmits this data post-disaster to the backup site. The Phoenix system—comprised of an indestructible Black Box that houses a purpose-built operating system—may be connected to the Oracle hosts at the primary site over any infrastructure. The secondary site may be at a remote location.

Once a disaster is identified, protected data can be transferred via multiple options, including a wide area network (WAN) link, cellular broadband, and Wi-Fi. The PhoenixOS™, the operating system powering the Black Box, acts as a mini data center that is specifically optimized for any disaster scenario. For example, the PhoenixOS optimizes the Black Box’s battery power usage to ensure system availability throughout disaster recovery. The operating system turns off devices that are not in use and switches to the optimal communication protocols. This ensures that every point of vulnerability is secured and reinforced, even before a disaster strikes.
“Axxana is the only company that can guarantee zero data loss at any distance—whether applications are on premises or in the cloud, and regardless of data center topology,” notes Efrat.

For Oracle 12c, Axxana partnered with Oracle to offer Phoenix for Oracle Far Sync. With this product, the Phoenix Black Box is typically placed at the primary site and hosts Oracle’s Active Data Guard Far Sync software. The Far Sync instance is completely protected by the Black Box, and can still do its job of delivering the latest lag transactions to the remote site post-disaster. This solution allows customers to utilize only two data centers, even though Far Sync solutions typically require three data centers. Far Sync is an Oracle product and is fully supported by Oracle.

Axxana is the only company that can guarantee zero data loss at any distance—whether applications are on premises or in the cloud

A large bank in Europe recently implemented Axxana’s Phoenix to achieve zero data loss despite using distant, asynchronous data centers. Without the solution, the risks of data loss, slow recovery times, and application unavailability were unacceptably high. Axxana’s Phoenix allowed the financial institutions to ensure zero data loss and business continuity across vast distances, while still using asynchronous replication.

Some of the largest players in the enterprise world have adopted the Axxana solution and are reaping the benefits of zero data loss and rapid recovery—all at a fraction of the cost of traditional synchronous solutions. With Axxana’s competitive solution, companies can no longer afford to compromise. “Acceptable loss” is not justifiable anymore, as it belongs to the pre- Axxana era.


Auburndale, MA

Eli Efrat, Co-Founder & CEO and Dr. Alex Winokur, Co-Founder & CTO

Axxana’s Phoenix is the only solution that ensures zero data loss at any distance