CIOReview awards Azuro Digital as one of the top 10 most promising web design agencies of 2022

Daniel Houle, Founder
Business websites should ideally be designed to convert visitors into leads or customers. A website that lacks the means to optimize its conversion rate is akin to a car with no wheels. However, most web design agencies tend to focus more on making the website look “beautiful” while ignoring conversion tactics. This leaves businesses with websites that have poor conversion rates and lead generation abilities, resulting in low returns on investment.

Azuro Digital goes above and beyond to help businesses engage their audience with a strong first impression right from their website’s landing page. The award-winning web design and development company develops attractive, custom-designed, flexible, and compatible websites on WordPress with content that grabs customers’ attention and motivates them to take action. Its expert team of designers, developers, copywriters, and SEO specialists offer a comprehensive set of web design and development solutions that help optimize conversion rates, generating high ROI for businesses.

“Our websites look beautiful and produce a solid return on investment for our clients, with a particular focus on enhancing the visitor conversion rate,” says Daniel Houle, founder of Azuro Digital.

Azuro Digital’s website development solutions encompass the overarching strategy of the website, from web design and SEO to graphic design and branding. They create engaging web content with the proper keywords to boost organic traffic from Google.

When developing a website for a company, Azuro Digital follows internal standard operating procedures that start with compiling the outline and wireframe of the site. The website’s homepage is developed based on the approved wireframes, and the end-product typically emphasizes “social proof” in the form of testimonials, awards, statistics, and other means of establishing credibility. Aside from social proof, Azuro Digital also focuses on making the calls-to-action prominent and enticing, as well as making all of the content easy to understand and laid out in elegant fashion.
Driven to engage customers with exceptional website designs, Azuro Digital treats clients as partners and provides unlimited revisions until the client is completely satisfied. They also help with conversion rate optimization by providing robust visitor activity tracking.

Azuro Digital goes beyond web design, development and SEO. They also offer their expertise in video production, graphic design, and photography to help clients stand out from the crowd with elegant website content.

“Our clients love to talk about how we’ve increased their website’s conversion rate or improved their SEO results,” says Houle.

Azuro Digital’s team tries to understand clients’ needs before providing them with professional services. For instance, Azuro Digital recently launched a website for a law firm struggling with an outdated website that was incapable of generating enough leads. According to its managing partner, Azuro Digital helped them increase the conversion rate by 60 percent. The new site was beautifully and strategically designed with the content needed to convert more visitors.

Our websites look beautiful and produce a solid return on investment for our clients, with a particular focus on enhancing the visitor conversion rate

In another instance, Azuro Digital helped improve SEO rankings for a tile and flooring contracting company by using important keywords while creating their web content. As a result, they currently hold the top spot in the Google rankings for their category.

Azuro Digital continues to improve their clients’ bottom lines by providing an all-inclusive web experience through its strategic websites. They remain steadfast in their goal to design websites that help businesses stand out from the crowd with engaging content and stunning graphic designs, all on a single platform.

Azuro Digital

Ottawa, Ontario

Daniel Houle, Founder

Azuro Digital creates strategic custom websites that stand out from the crowd with engaging content, beautiful motion graphic designs, conversion rate optimization, and search engine optimization, generating more revenue for their clients.

Azuro Digital